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by Piotr Lazarkiewicz


24 hours in a town somewhere at the seaside. The narrative starts in the morning and ends at dawn the next day. Seven different couples, married, single and siblings tell their stories in the film. They try to solve their moral and emotional problems, as well as those related to self identification.

international title: 0_1_0
original title: 0_1_0
country: Poland
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Piotr Lazarkiewicz
screenplay: Piotr Lazarkiewicz, Krzysztof Bizio
cast: Maria Seweryn, Malgorzata Buczkowska, Marta Chodorowska, Magdalena Popławska, Anna Buczek, Julia Kijowska
cinematography by: Wojciech Todorow
film editing: Daniel Sokołowski
art director: Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska
costumes designer: Dorota Roqueplo
music: Antoni Łazarkiewicz
producer: Pawel Rakowski
production: Skorpion Arte, Media Brigade
distributor: Gutek Film
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