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by Eric Le Roch


The film is set in a very remote corner of France. Fifty-year-old Christian Bodin is about to get married to Claudine, the canteen worker at the village school. He lives under the rule of his mother Maria, an 82-year-old stubborn and short-tempered countrywoman. She is a bitch with a tender heart, scathing in her comments and quick with her hands. A team of journalists who have come to film during the ten days before the marriage find themselves plunged into the "bowels" of country life. The deep, deep countryside that remains very much alive... Christian and Maria Bodin are proof of that.

original title: Mariage chez les Bodin's
country: France
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Eric Le Roch
release date: FR 24/09/2008
screenplay: Eric Le Roch, Vincent Dubois, Jean-Christian Fraiscinet
cast: Jean-Christian Fraiscinet, Vincent Dubois, Jean-Pierre Durand, Muriel Dubois, Faru, Carole Massana
cinematography by: Jean-Michel Fouque
film editing: Bertrand Boutillier
art director: Luc Boissinot, Patrick Farrugia
music: Franco Perry, Alain Bernard
producer: Jean-Pierre Bigard
production: Agence BJP SARL, ADR Productions
distributor: ADR Productions
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