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by Manuel Mozos


Diana, in her coming of age, lives a careless life with her father, Gabriel, and Madalena, her step mother. Till she discovers that Madalena is having an affair with Miguel and has started gambling again. At home the situation becomes more unbearable and culminates with Gabriel leaving. At this point Diana decides to interfere, getting closer with Miguel.

international title: 4 Hearts
original title: 4 Copas
working title: Diana
country: Portugal
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Manuel Mozos
film run: 106'
screenplay: Manuel Mozos, Cláudia Sanmpaio
cast: Rita Martins, João Lagarto, Margarida Marinho, Filipe Duarte, Octávio Rossado
cinematography by: José António Loureiro
film editing: Manuel Mozos
art director: Fernanda Morais
costumes designer: Patrícia Dórria
music: Mariana Riccardo
producer: Maria João Sigalho
production: Rosa Filmes
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