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by Dennis Ledergerber, Ninian Green


Following the death of their parents, Frank and his younger sister Anna return from the USA to their former homeland, a small city in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the restrictive social conditions in St Gallen set the stage for a series of disastrous events that leads the two siblings and a number of other people to a pivotal point in their lives. The story addresses the mysterious nature of coincidences and deals intensively with issues facing modern-day youth, such as aimlessness, love, alcohol and drug consumption.

original title: Zufallbringen
country: Switzerland
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Dennis Ledergerber, Ninian Green
screenplay: Ninian Green, Dennis Ledergerber
cast: Melanie Sauder, Raphael Carlucci, Philipp Kluckner, Ninian Green, Anaïs Niedermann, Gloria Lama, Pia Hänggi, Erdem Varlik, Janine Graf
cinematography by: Dennis Ledergerber, Pedro Joaquim, Mohamed Lamrani
film editing: Dennis Ledergerber, Ninian Green
art director: Thea Reifler, Hanna Stoll, Janine Graf
costumes designer: Thea Reifler
music: Junes
producer: Ninian Green
production: Bad Habit Entertainment
distributor: MovieBiz Films
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