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by Rudolf Thome


Pink is a successful young poet. She writes cruel love poems which she recites live all over Germany to her devoted fans. Her own love life is something of a success as well. Three men hope to win her as their bride. Pink makes systematic, but incorrect, decisions – using a pocket calculator. She sorts out her relationships using text messaging and settles conflicts – if she has to – using a gun. In spite of her scrutiny she chooses the wrong man – twice. But only when she chooses the third will she find happiness. Three weddings. Three seasons. A modern fairy-tale about a girl who sets out to find love.

international title: Pink
original title: Pink
country: Germany
sales agent: Aktis Film International GmbH
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Rudolf Thome
film run: 82'
release date: DE 20/08/2009
screenplay: Rudolf Thome
cast: Hannah Herzsprung, Guntram Brattia, Florian Panzner, Cornelius Schwalm, Radhe Schiff, Christina Hecke, Anna Kubin
cinematography by: Christina Hecke, Ute Freund
film editing: Dörte Völz- Mammarella
costumes designer: Gioia Raspé
music: Katia Tchemberdji
production: Moana Film
distributor: Prometheus (Barnsteiner)
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