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by Esther Rots


Marieke is a cheerful and carefree woman in her early thirties living the fast life in Amsterdam. One night, a pizza delivery-boy breaks into her house and assaults her. A friend comes to her aid, and they escape in a panic. A few weeks later, Marieke impulsively buys a remote and derelict cottage in the Zeeland countryside. In these new surroundings, she thinks she will be able to shake off her painful experiences. But she doesn’t feel safe in her new home, and regards the friendly and helpful villager John as an intruder. Through Internet chat rooms she meets fellow victims who, like her, are willing to take matters into their own hands. At the onset of summer Marieke seems to be returning to her former self. She puts fresh energy into renovating the cottage. She even starts a relationship with John and gets pregnant. But without realizing it, she loses control of her life.

international title: Can Go Through Skin
original title: Kan door huid heen
country: Netherlands
sales agent: Films Boutique
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Esther Rots
film run: 97'
release date: NL 29/01/2009, BE 11/11/2009
screenplay: Esther Rots
cast: Rifka Lodeizen, Wim Opbrouck, Chris Borowski, Elisabeth van Nimwegen, Tina de Bruin, Mattijn Hartemink
cinematography by: Lennert Hillege
film editing: Esther Rots
costumes designer: Stephanie Marien
music: Dan Geesin
producer: Trent, Hugo Rots, Esther Rots
production: Rots Filmwerk BV, Netherlands Film Institute Productions
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