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by Fausto Brizzi


Exes are like the phoenix rising from the ashes: they never die, are always there waiting, ready to change your life. With some of them the relationship has turned into hate, with others into friendship, and with others, the love is still alive. You’ve lost touch with some of them by choice, some by fate, and others by mistake. In any case, they are part of your life, if you are who you are today, it's also because of your ex. The story begins with declarations of love and many kisses... but does love then go on? Does everybody really live happily ever after?

original title: Ex
country: Italy, France
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Fausto Brizzi
film run: 120'
release date: IT 06/02/2009, ES 24/07/2009
screenplay: Fausto Brizzi, Massimiliano Bruno, Marco Martani
cast: Claudio Bisio, Silvio Orlando, Fabio De Luigi, Nancy Brilli, Flavio Insinna, Cristiana Capotondi, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Elena Sofia Ricci, Vincenzo Salemme
cinematography by: Marcello Montarsi
film editing: Luciana Pandolfelli
art director: Maria Stilde Ambruzzi
costumes designer: Monica Simeone
music: Bruno Zambrini
producer: Fulvio Lucisano, Federica Lucisano
production: Italian International Film (IIF) - Lucisano Media Group, RAI Cinema, Paradis Films, Mes Films
distributor: 01 Distribution, Océan Films, Notro Films
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