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by Fabrizio Orsomando


Ewa is a polish nurse,now living in italy,who,due to her job,meets Stefano,a rich man who works in a financial institute where he “handles money for other people”. Marco is ewa’s boyfriend ,and amateur actor who runs a security agency providing bouncer to night clubs. Ewa starts a relationship with Stefano, dumps Marco and disappears with 20 millions euros stolen from the place where Stefano works. the big wheels from the institute doesn’t want the thing to leak -probably dirty money- and hire a young and not well-known detective... what has happened? What ties the characters together? who tricked who? It's the story of a big fraud…two men and a woman brought together by jealousy, interest, feelings, doubt…..

original title: Il lato chiaro
country: Italy
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabrizio Orsomando
film run: 81'
screenplay: Fabrizio Orsomando, Christian Lucidi
cast: Ewa Krawczuk, Massimiliano Coppa, Christian Lucidi, Fabrizio Orsomando, Valentina Del Rio, Silvia Pazzaglia
cinematography by: Sebastiano Bazzini
film editing: Fabrizio Orsomando
art director: Gaia Mussi, Aurelia Laurenti
costumes designer: Gianluca De Fazi
music: Lorenzo Fortunati
producer: Fabrizio Orsomando, Alissia Orsomando
production: I_Elle_C Produzioni Cinematografiche
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