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by Andreas Kannengiesser


The 13-year-old Carlos lives in the Barrio – a Nicaraguan shanty town. His greatest wish is to become a “coplero” (the poet and lyricist) in a Gigantona group. Dance, theater and rhymes are combined and presented in these traditional groups of children. The huge Gigantona doll represents an oversized Spanish woman who dances round the “Enano” – a small indigenous man – accompanied by wild drumming. Carlos dances as the Enano while Isabel, a couple of years older than him, provides the rhythm. After vying for the position of coplero, Carlos gets kicked out of his group. At first he hides his expulsion from his family, but when his father walks out, it comes to light and Carlos is forced to earn money as a laborer.

original title: Planet Carlos
country: Germany
sales agent: KW Kunhardt & Wischnewski Filmproduktion GbR
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Andreas Kannengiesser
screenplay: Catrin Lueth
cast: Mario José Chavez, Cristel Sofia Sanchez Hernandez, Katherine Mercedes Molina Zelaya
cinematography by: Stephan Fallucchi
film editing: Martin Reimers
art director: Tanja Baumgartner
music: Martin Spange
producer: Kirsten Kunhardt, Susanne Wischnewski
production: KW Kunhardt & Wischnewski Filmproduktion GbR
backing: BZM Bundesministerium fuer wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
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