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by Grzegorz Lipiec


Poland in the near future. A man wakes up with amnesia in hotel room number 224. He's got a pile of money and a gun. He throws a rainfall of money from the terrace onto the crowded promenade. One 100-euro note floats to consecutive owners, changing their lives. All this takes place in a small town seized with panic and fear of a terrorist bomb attack.

international title: Horizontal 8
original title: 8 W poziomie
country: Poland
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Grzegorz Lipiec
film run: 90'
release date: PL 08/08/2008
screenplay: Grzegorz Lipiec
cast: Ewa Golebiowswka, Tomasz Burka, Ewa Pajak, Marek Probosz, Jerzy Kaczmarski
cinematography by: Krzysztof Gawalkiewicz, Piotr Materna
film editing: Grzegorz Lipiec
art director: Lukasz Mikucki
costumes designer: Ewa Golebiowska
music: Maja Pietraszewska-Koper
producer: Grzegorz Lipiec, Ryszard Lipiec
production: Sky Piastowskie
distributor: Kino Świat
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