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by Mira Fornay


Alzbeta (23) is desperately trying to make a new home in Ireland by finding a man at any cost. Not just because she had to do it - her real home in eastern Slovakia is being torn down to make way for a highway - but mainly because of more personal reasons. Her sister Martina (27), who is engaged to Steve (30), an Irishman, is trying to help her. Alzbeta refuses her help. It seems that she is jealous of her sister's apparently carefree, better life. She decides to stay on her own in Dublin. She meets a strange person named Zuzana, who changes Alzbeta, getting her into situations Alzbeta would otherwise not get into. As the story progresses it slowly becomes clear that Zuzana, in fact, is only a part of Alzbeta - the darker side of her personality.

international title: Foxes
original title: Listicky
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Mira Fornay
film run: 83'
release date: CZ 19/09/2009
screenplay: Mira Fornay
cast: Reka Derzsi, Rita Banczi, Aaron Monaghan, Jitka Josková, Jonathan Byrne, Christopher Simpson, Nicholas Pinnock
cinematography by: Tomáš Sysel
film editing: Hedvika Hansalová
art director: Jan Vlček
music: Tadeáš Věrčák, Aaron Goldberg
producer: Juraj Buzalka, Brian Willis, Emil Fornay
production: Samson Films, Cineart Tv, Miras s.r.o., IO- in/out, Czech Television - Česká televize
backing: IFB, Czech Cinema Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Eurimages
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