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by Liina Paakspuu


Liina, a young girl from the village, decides to begin an independent life in the city. In the new environment she discovers various microcosms, comprising of the strange and the strangers around us. Each of them has a personal dream, each is heading somewhere. Struggling with unimaginable obstacles, Liina finally finds something, which allows her to go on; something she had actually come looking for – herself.

international title: A Wish Tree
original title: Soovide puu
country: Estonia
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Liina Paakspuu
film run: 85'
release date: EE 11/12/2008
screenplay: Martin Algus
cast: Elina Pähklimägi, Marilyn Jurman, Ago Soots, Erki Laur, Andres Tabun
cinematography by: Mait Mäekivi
film editing: Jüri-Illimar Šestakov -Reinberg, Mattias Naan
art director: Mare Raidma, Kerstin Raidma
costumes designer: Mare Raidma, Kerstin Raidma
music: Janek Murd
producer: Karin Reinberg-Šestakov
production: Revolver Film
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