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by Andri Luup


Yet another Finn has fallen off a ship in the port of Tallinn. He has come to Estonia to find a proper wife. A comedy about Juha Kinnunen and the teacher Oie Kannike, who, as chance or fate would have it, start to teach each other. Kinnunen is not an ordinary man. He is a Finnish man. Oie is not an ordinary woman. She is an Estonian woman. It is difficult to find a common language. Because one is a woman. And the other is a man.

original title: Kinnunen
country: Estonia
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Andri Luup
film run: 85'
release date: EE 13/12/2007
screenplay: Andri Luup
cast: Sesa-Petteri Lehto, Maria Peterson
cinematography by: Meelis Veeremets
film editing: Margo Siimon
art director: Laura Pählapuu
costumes designer: Laura Pählapuu
music: Tõnis Leemets
producer: Artur Talvik
production: Ruut Pictures (Eetriüksus Ltd)
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