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Geoffrey Enthoven

Geoffrey Enthoven

(b. 1974, Wilrijk, Belgium), Flemish director, editor, and screenwriter, graduated with a master’s in audiovisual arts. His short graduation film The Undertaker (De aanspreker, 1999) was presented in numerous countries and won many awards. In 1999 he and Marian Vanhoof, friend and film enthusiast, founded Fobic Films. They debuted with Children of Love in 2001 and also cooperated on the doc Voice on Wings (2003). By 2010 Enthoven had directed another three features, contributing to screenwriting duties as well: The Only One (2006), which treats feelings of abandonment in old age; Happy Together (2008), about a man facing the collapse of career and family; and The Over the Hill Band (Meisjes, 2009), featuring an elderly widow who decides to get her old singing group back together.Come As You Are (2011) is his fifth feature. Then followed the tragicomedy Halfway (2014) and the comedy Brother (2016).

Source: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016

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