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Ane Dahl Torp • Actress

Shooting Star 2006 - Norway


Ane Dahl Torp • Actress

Formerly trained as an actress at the famous Norwegian National Academy of Performing Art, Ane Dahl Torp had her first screen debut in Stefan Faldbakken’s short film Anolit in 2002 and has since alternated acting jobs for TV, film and theatre. In 2003 she appeared in Alexander Eik’s Norwegian hit The Woman Of My Life and in 2004 in Torun Lian’s award winning film The Colour of Milk. This year three films in which she has the title role will be released including the highly awaited High School Teacher Pedersen by Hans Petter Moland in which she plays a medical doctor with revolutionary ideas.

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Cineuropa: Is being an actress a childhood dream or a career that came by coincidence?
For me being an actress has been a secret dream since I was a child. But I never dared to say it aloud `till the moment I got the message that I had been admitted to the National Academy of Dramatic Arts. And even on that day, I could only whisper the words that I was going to be an actor.

You're now among the most sought after actresses in Norway. Which film in particular represented a turning point in your career?
I actually think that was a small short film that very few people have seen, called Anolit. After that film, I suddenly felt like I was the happy surprise on auditions for a while. But my part as a single mum with troubled life and slight drug habits in the TV series Black Money, White Lies is probably what gave me credibility in the eyes of a larger audience and where I first got the opportunity to really show something.

You have three feature films lined-up for release in 2006. Tell us about the various characters you play, in particular the one in Hans Petter Moland's High School Teacher Pedersen?
2005 has been an extremely demanding and fun year. I've played a boyish under cover police in the TV-series Codename Hunter, a vain bar girl with drug habits in Stefan Faldbakken’s Restless [+see also:
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, a wife who sees her husband disappearing into depression in the Swedish film by Håkan Bjerking No Tears, and a fanatic revolutionary in Hans Petter Moland`s High School Teacher Pedersen. I was almost desperate to get that part because of Moland, the story, and the part itself. The character that I play, Nora fights for something that is bigger than herself, something that touched me very deeply, and she undergoes an extremely interesting process during the film.

What other projects do you have lined-up for 2006?
All I know for sure, is that I`m going back to Det Norske Teatret where I have my daily work as an actress. I`ve been very unfaithful to my theater this year, spending most of my time away filming. We're taking up last year’s success The Ice-castle where I have the leading part…it`s going to be tough…Theatre is a lot more scary than film.

How does it feel to be nominated as the Norwegian Shooting Star 2006?
Hmmmm….I`m proud, happy and excited!

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