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Eva Röse • Actress

Shooting Star 2006 - Sweden


Eva Röse • Actress

Eva Röse is one of the hottest rising stars in Sweden, currently in the spotlight at home with two of her films on the big screens: the thriller Storm by filmmaking duo Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein – a hit with international buyers at the last AFM-, and the comedy White Trash by Annette Windblad von Walter. Stephen Spielberg also hired her for a smart role in Munich. But the Stockholm-born actress keeps her head cool in spite of her sudden fame. A trained stage actress, she has been working hard since her graduation in 1998 from Stockholm’s University College of Acting, earning rave reviews for many of her stage performances in Stockholm’s main theatres. The same year, she had her breakthrough in Lárus Oskarsson’s TV series Blue Flowers of Desire and has since played in a dozen feature films with top Scandinavian directors such as the Swedish Mikael Håfström in Days Like This, the Finnish Lenka Hellstedt in Me And Morrison and Josef Fares in Kops. She is currently shooting the comedy The Miracleby Norwegian director Thomas Kaiser for Nordisk Film.

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Cineuropa: At 18 you were the host for the Mickey Mouse Club on Swedish TV. Now you’re making two-three Scandinavian films a year and had even a part in Steven Spielberg’s Munich. Was it hard to get where you are today?
Eva Röse: I never expected it to be easy to live and work as an actor. But the highway is not as interesting as the winding roads. The most gratifying experience for me so far must be looking back on that road and see all those steps. The first role when I was 11 years old, the first steps on the Royal National Theatre at age 21 and all those projects and productions on TV and on the screen. I like to push myself out of balance.

Tell us a few words about the character you play in the current Swedish hit Storm. What was challenging with the role?
Lova is a vulnerable warrior, a pathfinder. She is on a mission fighting for good and what makes it special is that the mission is bigger than she is. The challenge for me was to make her human even though she isn’t. And to kick ass, break a neck and show love at the same time.

In what other films are we going to see you this year?
My next movie White Trash opens this month in Sweden. I play Rita, a struggling hairdresser for dogs who loves Barbara Cartland books and dreams of a better life. And right now I’m in Norway shooting the film Miracle by Thomas Kaiser where I play the strict business woman Victoria who falls in love with a waiter and starts a relationship that changes their lives. The film will open in December 2006.
Then I’m heading to South Africa to surf and hang out with lions for a month. And the rest is silence.

How does it feel to be chosen as Sweden’s Shooting Star 2006?
How does it feel? Well as the icing on the!

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