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Maximilian Brückner • Actor

Shooting Star 2007 - Germany


Maximilian Brückner • Actor

European Film Promotion (EFP) member German Films has named Maximilian Brückner the 2007 German Shooting Star in recognition of his “outstanding performances and the immense breadth of his acting skills”. Brückner has been in the spotlight since the success of Marc Rothemund’s Sohie Scholl: The Final Days [+see also:
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, in which he played Willy Graf.

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Cineuropa: When and why did you decide to be an actor?
Maximilian Brückner: Actually, the big decision was made for me. After playing the lead role in a regional volunteer theatre my parents found a notice in the paper that, for a fee of 50 marks, one could apply to the renowned "Otto-Falckenberg Schule" for acting in Munich. So I became an actor instead of a doctor, which was my original plan.

What works do you consider to have been turning points in your young career?
I do not see any specific turning points. Rather, it was a constant, "step by step" trajectory, assisted by good luck as well as by excellent teachers and directors.

Do you adapt your acting according to whether you are working for cinema, television, or the theatre?
Working for television and cinema is, of course, different from doing theatre, as everyone knows. What is most important for me in both is the opportunity to show different characters. I´d hate to end up being typecast. Therefore, I hope and try to become an actor who has a chance of experimenting with everything.

What does this nomination as the 2007 Shooting Star represent for you?
A tremendous honour, an enormous encouragement and a great challenge.

What European actors do you admire?
My family teasingly calls me the "bargain basement Gerard". They say this because of my admiration for Gerard Depardieu. They also say that, if you look closely, even my nose seems to approach his very special "beauty".

What European directors would you want to work with?
There is no simple answer to this question. Success and pleasure on the set do not only depend on the director but also on a lot of other factors: the right combination of a good script and professional cooperation among the actors in front of and behind the camera is decisive in this respect.

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