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Sabrina Reiter • Actress

Shooting Star 2007 - Austria


Sabrina Reiter • Actress

It did not take Sabrina Reiter much more than it takes to die in her first movie —the horror film Dead in 3 Days (In 3 Tagen bist du tot) by Andreas Prochaska— to start her career as an actress. A young aspiring dental technician, she suddenly became the award-winning heroin of one of the best Austrian hits of 2006 (an Allegro Film production already sold to over 30 countries).

Cineuropa : How exactly did you join the team of Dead in 3 Days ? How did you feel about this sudden start of your career as an actress ?
Sabrina Reiter: I have always wanted to be an actress and the opportunity I got to start this career was long-awaited. I was extremely happy and excited when I got the chance to be a part of Dead in 3 Days, but I was also very nervous, because no one around me knew anything about the film business. I had no idea what it would be like to work as an actress, so I went to the set with questions and ended up having the time of my life. The team was friendly, motivated, and showed a remarkable capacity to focus. The director, Andreas Prochaska, helped me whenever I needed. That took away a lot of my fear (smiles)! The first two days, I was a little bit hesitant in my acting, but thanks to all the team and the other actors, I acquired more confidence. It was an unforgettable experience and I hope I will have some more of this!

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In what way did the big success of Dead in 3 Days change your life ?
Everything in my life changed. It was a great luck to win the Undine Award and the Audience Award in Baden (in October 2006) and thus be invited to attend the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York from April to July 2007 —after which I am planning to take some lessons in diction.
One other way Dead in 3 Days changed my life is that it was how I found my true love, Laurence Rupp, also my boyfriend in the movie.

You started with a horror movie and now you have just finished shooting a crime TV series. Do you have a particular fondness for the chiller genre ?
Both roles were offered to me and it was only accidental if they happen to both belong to the crime genre. I am an open-minded person, I am interested in all genres and determined to learn learn learn...

What does this selection for the Shooting Stars mean to you ?
Its an honour for me and my country. It is also, of course, a chance for me to catch the attention of many film professionals.

What are your favourite European actors ? directors ? Who would you like to work with ?
My favourite European actors are Franka Potente, Penelope Cruz, Romy Schneider, Ulrich Mühe, and Javier Bardem, amongst others. In terms of filmmakers, I love Francois Ozon, Alejandro Amenábar, and Lars von Trier, with whom I would very much like to work. I like his style...

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