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Álvaro Curiel • Marketing Director

A great passion

- Marketing director for Buena Vista España, Álvaro Curiel's enthusiastic and convincing way of talking shows a great personal dedication to the big screen

Álvaro Curiel • Marketing Director

Álvaro Curiel, marketing director for Buena Vista International España, has a professional past nowhere near cinema, but his enthusiastic and convincing way of talking shows a great personal dedication to the big screen. The Two Sides of the Bed [+see also:
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is his great passion at the moment.

Cineuropa: Placing your bets on the first part, The Other Side of the Bed, was the right choice, it exceeded all expectations by far. How much did this influence your decision on distributing The Two Sides of the Bed, and how valued was the film itself?
Álvaro Curiel : It’s not easy to answer. It was a lengthy process. The expectations with The Other Side... weren’t only meet, they were greatly exceeded. It was a very innovative film, it created a genre, and so we set sights on making a second one. Buena Vista had a type of first choice, last refusal agreement, so I can’t say that we participated on the second part from the beginning. Nevertheless, when we watched The Two Sides... we found it to be even more innovative and better filmed. We knew that it would be a hit. And, perhaps a third part could do just that.

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Cineuropa: What are the key marketing techniques and what release strategy will you use for "The Two Sides of the Bed"?
The first time around, we released the film on 180 copies, and we had to release 20 extra copies. This time, we will release 380, this is almost the maximum amount for us, if you take into account that films such as the “Chronicles of Narnia”, also distributed by us will be released on 435 copies. The film itself is already very well known among the audiences, so the film must now not only be known, it has to be wacthed. We have set up the marketing campaign of a big hit production sequel, because I believe that this filmm has nothing to envy from sequels like Harry Potter or Torrente. We have doubled the investment in advertising in regards to the first film, between €3,000 and €5,000 per copy.

Cineuropa: The Two Sides ... will be premier during a very hot film season. It will compete directly against the most commercial American cinema. Why did you choose this season?
We don’t make any differences between Spanish and American cinema release wise. When we has our hands on The Other Side of... it was February, but our studies showed that it was not a good time to release it, we had to do so taking advantage of the Malaga Festival and the echoes of the press. As a result, it was played for 24 weeks. This time, The Two Sides..., was ready to be released in November, but we firmly believe that we have a high quality product and an objective audience that isn’t satisfied during the Christmas season: the comedy lovers. We are not afraid of any big American production. The Two Sides... “has legsof its own”, as we would say in our jargon, it will keep on walking during a long time.

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