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Feo Aladag • Director


Feo Aladag • Director

Competing for the first time in Berlin, the Austrian director Feo Aladag talks about Inbetween Worlds.  


Feo Aladag • Director

Powerful images and colors

Feo Aladag • Director

Already working on a new film, Später im Sommer, director Feo Aladag looks back to the success of When We...  


Feo Aladag • Director

Prix LUX 2010

Feo Aladag • Director

Interview with Feo Aladag, the director of When We Leave, winner of the LUX Prize 2010.  


Feo Aladag   • Director

“The universal necessity we have to be loved for ourselves”

Feo Aladag • Director

Extracts from the press conference at the Berlinale 2010 where the Austrian director unveiled the highly...  


Enrico Chiesa, Isabelle Fauvel and Dieudonné Alaka • Coordinators and experts, OuiCoprod

“Professionals now know where to find projects from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific that are credible and pre-financed”

Enrico Chiesa, Isabelle Fauvel and Dieudonné Alaka • Coordinators and experts, OuiCoprod

CANNES 2021: The International Organisation of La Francophonie and the ACP (African States, Caribbean and...  

10/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Marché du Film

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović  • Director of Murina

“The water is a place where my character is free, but it’s also where she can spill some blood”

Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović • Director of Murina

CANNES 2021: It’s a cruel summer lying in wait for teenager Julija in this Directors’ Fortnight title by...  

07/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Directors’ Fortnight

Milad Alami  • Director

“Sometimes acceptance comes with a price”

Milad Alami • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017: We chatted to Swedish-Iranian filmmaker Milad Alami, whose feature debut, The Charmer,...  

22/09/2017 | San Sebastián 2017 | New Directors

Maite Alberdi  • Director of The Mole Agent

“Old people dare to say what they think”

Maite Alberdi • Director of The Mole Agent

Between its enthusiastic reception at Sundance and San Sebastián and an Oscar nomination for Best...  

17/03/2021 | /Chile/USA/Germany/Netherlands/Spain

Niels Alberg  • Partner, Publikum

“Publikum can be used both for creative decision-making during the writing phase and in post-production”

Niels Alberg • Partner, Publikum

The Danish expert explained how Publikum can assist creators during the early-development stages and help...  

10/07/2021 | /Denmark

Barbara Albert  • Director

“We talk a lot about assimilation and seem to forget about diversity”

Barbara Albert • Director

TORONTO 2017: Acclaimed Austrian director Barbara Albert explained her fifth feature, Mademoiselle...  

14/09/2017 | Toronto 2017 | Platform

Barbara Albert• Director

“Transporting feelings of guilt to the next generation”

Barbara Albert• Director

The Dead and the Living by Barbara Albert tells the tale of a young woman through the ghosts and past of...  


Barbara Albert • Producer

The importance of being earnest

Barbara Albert • Producer

Besides her work as a director, Barbara Albert is also a committed producer...  


Maria Tanjala, Irina Albita • Co-founders, FilmChain

"It's important to keep this bridge between all of the stakeholders and the technology giants"

Maria Tanjala, Irina Albita • Co-founders, FilmChain

CANNES 2019: We chatted to Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita, co-founders of FilmChain, a blockchain platform...  

20/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Marché du Film

Nicolás Alcalá - Director


Nicolás Alcalá - Director

Nicolás Alcalá directed and produced The Cosmonaut, the first Spanish film produced thanks to crowdfunding  

Manuel Alduy •  Head of Film at Canal +

Pre-acquisitions, pressure and diversity

Manuel Alduy • Head of Film at Canal +


Oskar Alegría  • Director of Zumiriki

“It was important to me to hold on to what is left of our natural heritage”

Oskar Alegría • Director of Zumiriki

With his second film, Zumiriki, unveiled at Venice, Spanish filmmaker Oskar Alegría has been hopping from...  

12/11/2019 | Seville 2019

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