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Nuno Bernardo

Producer on the Move 2014 – Portugal

Nuno Bernardo

Cineuropa met up with Nuno Bernardo, a producer at beActive and European Film Promotion’s Producer on the...  


Nuno Bernardo • Producer, beActive Entertainment

“Digital distribution of film and TV programmes became more relevant than ever”

Nuno Bernardo • Producer, beActive Entertainment

We met up with Portuguese producer Nuno Bernardo, one of the experts of the 2020 edition of Erich Pommer...  

25/11/2020 | /Portugal/Germany

Fulvio Bernasconi • Director

"The harshness of this man’s physical and psychological journey"

Fulvio Bernasconi • Director

Interview with Swiss filmmaker Fulvio Bernasconi, who’s back with Mercy, which is being shown in...  


David Bernet  • Director

“This is the political platform where the issues of the future of the EU are negotiated”

David Bernet • Director

Cineuropa got the chance to chat to German filmmaker David Bernet at the IDFA in the Netherlands, where he...  


Belén Bernuy • Producer

Executive Producer, Alta Producción

Belén Bernuy • Producer


Anne Zohra Berrached  • Director of Copilot

“For me, it's a film about love”

Anne Zohra Berrached • Director of Copilot

BERLINALE 2021: We talked to the German director about her film, which tells the story of one of the...  

02/03/2021 | Berlinale 2021 | Panorama

Zoe Berriatúa  • Director

“Films appeal to the stupid or the intelligent part of the audience”

Zoe Berriatúa • Director

Cineuropa talks to actor-director Zoe Berriatúa, who is taking his first steps in the world of feature...  


Thomas Bertacche  • Distributor, Tucker Film

“Our recently-acquired restored movies will have a theatrical release, and we are selling the others to SVOD”

Thomas Bertacche • Distributor, Tucker Film

We had a chat with the co-founder of the Italian distribution company, specialised in European and Asian films  

02/03/2021 | /Italy

Tommaso Bertani • Producer

"We're going for films that are linguistically evolved and have a contemporary vision"

Tommaso Bertani • Producer

We caught up with Italian producer Tommaso Bertani, the founder of Ring Film, who has been selected for...  


Fabienne Berthaud  • Director of A Bigger World

"A film that answers several questions about the visible and the invisible"

Fabienne Berthaud • Director of A Bigger World

VENICE 2019: French director Fabienne Berthaud talked to us about A Bigger World, selected in the Giornate...  

31/08/2019 | Venice 2019 | Giornate degli Autori

Michael Bertl, Head of Cinematography at the DFFB


Michael Bertl, Head of Cinematography at the DFFB

At the Fémis European Film School Network, Michael Bertl talked about the issues raised by the transition...  

Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

Return to cinema with a sunny and essential film

Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

Nine years since The Dreamers, the master shoots Io e te, based on a book by Ammaniti and screened in...  


Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

Interview - Venice 2003

Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

Interview with Bernando Bertolucci at Venice Film Festival, where he presented his film The Dreamers  


Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

The unforgettable May '68

Bernardo Bertolucci • Director

The director has just wrapped The Dreamers about the May 1968 Paris protests. "It's a portrayal of Utopia...  


Joëlle Bertossa

Producers on the Move 2013 – Switzerland

Joëlle Bertossa

Just one year after the creation of Close Up Film, Joëlle Bertossa will represent Switzerland as part of...  


Julie Bertuccelli   • Director

"On the edge between realism and the imaginary"

Julie Bertuccelli • Director

The French director answered questions from international journalists at a press conference at the Cannes...  


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