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Giulio Ricciarelli  • Director

“I wanted to show an unspoken and forgotten part of Germany's history”

Giulio Ricciarelli • Director

After presenting his first feature film, Labyrinth of Lies, German director Giulio Ricciarelli spoke to...  


Sonja Richter - actress

Shooting Stars 2004 - Denmark

Sonja Richter - actress

Danish actress presents at Berlin 2004 her latest film In Your Hands  

Stephan Richter  • Director

“It was a case full of very radical opinions”

Stephan Richter • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2015: What is wrong with a society in which teenagers get shot for breaking into a...  


Alan Rickman  • Director

Alan Rickman talks about A Little Chaos
Italian release June 4

Alan Rickman • Director

Alan Rickman’s second film as director A Little Chaos has been screened at festivals the world over and is...  


Celia Rico Clavellino  • Director

"The film came out of a sense of unease"

Celia Rico Clavellino • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: Spain's Celia Rico Clavellino presents her first film in New Directors — the very...  

29/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | New Directors

Mikael Chr. Rieks

Producers on the Move 2013 - Denmark

Mikael Chr. Rieks

Danish producer Mikael Chr Rieks has been on the move for a long time – ever since he decided he wanted to...  


Katja Riemann & Michael Shorr, actors

Report - Venice 2003, The Winners

Katja Riemann & Michael Shorr, actors

Interview with Katja Riemann, Best Actress and Michael Shorr, awarded with the Special Jury Award during...  

Ziska Riemann • Director

“I think people who were comic book artists become really good directors”

Ziska Riemann • Director

German Films interviews director Ziska Riemann (Lollipop Monster), who is in post-production with her new...  


Libero de Rienzo• Italy

Shooting Stars 2003

Libero de Rienzo• Italy

Success came with Santa Maradona, whose role won a David di Donatello for best supporting actor  

Justus Riesenkampff  • Distributor

"It’s not our expectation, but rather our buyers’ expectation, that counts"

Justus Riesenkampff • Distributor

At the Série Series festival, distributor Justus Riesenkampff discussed Beta Film's strategy when it comes...  


Dita Rietuma  • Head, National Film Centre of Latvia

“In 2018, we broke all of our admissions records and we produced the highest number of films ever”

Dita Rietuma • Head, National Film Centre of Latvia

We had a chat with Dita Rietuma, the head of the National Film Centre of Latvia, whose speech opened the...  

22/10/2019 | Magnetic Latvia 2019

Xavier Rigault  • Producer

"A threat to the French film industry"

Xavier Rigault • Producer

Xavier Rigault, co-president of the UPC (Union des Producteurs de Cinéma), gives his opinion on the debate...  


Fabien Riggall  • Creative director, Secret Cinema

“Films are being released and the cinemas are empty”

Fabien Riggall • Creative director, Secret Cinema

Founder and creative director of Secret Cinema Fabien Riggall announces its move into production as the...  


Oliver Rihs  • Director of Caged Birds

"We tell the story of these two opposite characters and their dream of freedom"

Oliver Rihs • Director of Caged Birds

Swiss filmmaker Oliver Rihs talks to us about his latest feature film, Caged Birds, which was screened in...  

01/12/2020 | Black Nights 2020 | Competition

Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis • Directora

Interview - 10 European Directors To Watch

Anne Grethe Bjarup Riis • Directora

The multifaceted director of This Life explains the artistic and political choices she made in her film  

Ricky Rijneke • Director

“What counts is your state of mind”

Ricky Rijneke • Director

The 32-year-old Dutch director presented his feature debut Silent Ones, selected in competition and being...  


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