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Sergio Caballero  • Director

“Cinema is suffering under the yoke of narrative”

Sergio Caballero • Director

Sergio Caballero, awarded in Rotterdam with Finisterrae, competes in Sitges with The Distance, a film...  


Pedro Cabeleira  • Director

“For me, constructing a film is similar to composing music”

Pedro Cabeleira • Director

LOCARNO 2017: Cineuropa talks to young Portuguese director Pedro Cabeleira about making his film, Damned...  


Dominique Cabrera • Director

“There’s no passiveness when it’s your life you’re acting out”

Dominique Cabrera • Director

At the Bergamo Film Meeting 2017 we caught up with Dominique Cabrera, the director of Corniche Kennedy  


Andrea Caccia • Director

"A microcosm, where different moments of existence co-exist"

Andrea Caccia • Director

Italian director Andrea Caccia talks to us about his new project, Gold Is All There is, winner of the...  


Andrea Caccia • Director

Venice Days 2010

Andrea Caccia • Director

Interview with Andrea Caccia, whose film Life In the Time of Death looks at three different approaches to...  

Manuela Cacciamani  • Producer

“Technology at the service of tradition”

Manuela Cacciamani • Producer

Cacciamani talks to us about her new production with Onemore Pictures, the thriller In fondo al bosco by...  


Louis Cacciuttolo • CEO, VRRoom


Louis Cacciuttolo • CEO, VRRoom

CANNES NEXT: We have met up with Louis Cacciuttolo, CEO of VR-oriented media outlet VRRoom, at the...  

17/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Market | NEXT@Cannes2018

Interview with Israel Adrián Caetano, director of Francia

Video - Venice Film Festival 2009, Venice Days

Interview with Israel Adrián Caetano, director of Francia

Uruguayan director Israel Adrián Caetano presented his feature Francia at Venice Days  

Thomas Cailley  • Director

"When you have strong characters, you can get away with doing anything you like"

Thomas Cailley • Director

Cineuropa met up with a young filmmaker who managed to make a very successful breakthrough at Cannes with...  


Efe Cakarel • Founder of MUBI VoD service

MUBI boasts 1300 titles and counting

Efe Cakarel • Founder of MUBI VoD service


Irina Calado • Producer

“Documentaries are the most powerful awakening tool in cinema”

Irina Calado • Producer

An interview with Portuguese producer Irina Calado of Até ao Fim do Mundo, one of the participants of the...  

06/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Simona Calcagni  • Distributor, Bolero Film

European Distributors Up Next! 2010 - Italy

Simona Calcagni • Distributor, Bolero Film


"It is easier to attract the attention to a film while it is actually in a festival"

Sarah Calderon • The Film Agency

Which online marketing strategies have been used to promote the film Omar?  


Ruth Caleb  • Producer

"As a young person, I firmly believed that I could change the world"

Ruth Caleb • Producer

Veteran producer Ruth Caleb reflected on her illustrious career at the Série Series festival  


Peter Calin Netzer  • Director

On medals, awards and honour

Peter Calin Netzer • Director


Daniel Calparsoro  • Director

“My film deals with a lack of communication”

Daniel Calparsoro • Director

Daniel Calparsoro is releasing his new thriller, The Warning, an adaptation of Paul Pen’s novel of the...