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Volkan Üce • Director


Volkan Üce • Director

Meeting with the Belgian-Turk, Volkan Üce, the young director whose first documentary is named Displaced  


Ísold Uggadóttir • Director

"I've grown a bit weary of the romanticism of Icelandic nature"

Ísold Uggadóttir • Director

Ísold Uggadóttir’s debut feature and Sundance winner, And Breathe Normally had its local premiere in...  


Julianna Ugrin  • Producer, Éclipse Film

"The boundaries between fiction and creative documentary are becoming less and less visible"

Julianna Ugrin • Producer, Éclipse Film

Hungarian producer Julianna Ugrin, of Éclipse Film, talks to us about her work and her selection for EFP’s...  

26/04/2019 | Producers on the Move 2019

Karoly Ujj Mészáros  • Director

“I don't think you can be really happy in life unless you accept death”

Karoly Ujj Mészáros • Director

Cineuropa met up with Hungarian filmmaker Karoly Ujj Mészáros, who screened his funny and romantic first...  


Ana Ularu • Actress


Ana Ularu • Actress Romania


Dawid Ullgren • Director

“Some of our deepest desires are perhaps best left alone”

Dawid Ullgren • Director

We talked to Swedish director Dawid Ullgren as he prepared for the screening of his short film 1981 as...  

29/06/2018 | Future Frames 2018

Liv Ullmann • Actress, director

Liv & Ingmar – "The film I was never going to make"

Liv Ullmann • Actress, director

Dheeraj Akokar’s documentary about the relationship between Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann and Swedish...  


Liv Ullmann  • Director

“Strindberg is an incredible storyteller with a huge impact”

Liv Ullmann • Director

After adapting August Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie for the screen, Liv Ullmann will transfer her own...  


Liv Ullmann  • Director and actress

“There must be a reason why I always think in terms of women”

Liv Ullmann • Director and actress

Last week, Liv Ullmann was the guest of honour at the 36th Bergamo Film Meeting, where we talked to her...  

21/03/2018 | Bergamo 2018

Arami Ullón  • Director

“The editing was more analytical, but everything we did before was very visceral”

Arami Ullón • Director

Cineuropa talks to Paraguayan director Arami Ullón, who now lives in Switzerland, about her feature debut,...  


Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton • Producer

SamFilm: Resolutely Independent

Andreas Ulmke-Smeaton • Producer


Marek Urban

Producers on the Move 2015 – Slovakia

Marek Urban

Slovakian documentary filmmaker and producer Marek Urban established sentimentalfilm in 2008 with...  


Giuliano Urbani - Italian Minister of Culture

Interview - Venice 2003

Giuliano Urbani - Italian Minister of Culture

Giuliano Urbani and the EU Commissioner, Viviane Reding, present the results of the meeting about the...  

Imanol Uribe  • Director

“It’s good to talk about our wounds”

Imanol Uribe • Director

Basque director Imanol Uribe is releasing Far from the Sea, a drama shot in Almería that tackles the...  


Ioana Uricaru  • Director

"It's very important that a viewer connects with my work first and foremost on a personal level"

Ioana Uricaru • Director

Romanian filmmaker Ioana Uricaru decrypts Lemonade, a first feature exploring the darker side of the...  

21/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Panorama

Ana Urushadze • Director

”A free woman is considered dangerous and scary”

Ana Urushadze • Director

LOCARNO 2017: We chatted to Georgian filmmaker Ana Urushadze, who participates with her debut feature film...  

09/08/2017 | Locarno 2017 | Filmmakers of the Present