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Ole Giæver • Director

"I try to understand, as an explorer, what it means to be human"

Ole Giæver • Director

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Ole Giæver, who is presenting his latest feature...  


Ole Giæver  • Director

"To make your presence felt in the world, first of all you need to make it felt to yourself"

Ole Giæver • Director

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian filmmaker Ole Giæver, the director of Out of Nature, which was presented...  


Francesco Giai Via  • Artistic director, Annecy Italian Film Festival

"A festival with a strong identity"

Francesco Giai Via • Artistic director, Annecy Italian Film Festival

We met up with Francesco Giai Via, the new artistic director of the Annecy Italian Film Festival  


Paul Giamatti • Actor


Paul Giamatti • Actor

Golden Globe winner actor Paul Giamatti talks about his experience playing King John of England in...  

Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari  • Directors

“We have seen the migrants’ strength and their beauty”

Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari • Directors

Cineuropa sat down with Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari, directors of Spectres Are Haunting Europe,...  


Xavier Giannoli • Director

"An elusive enigma"

Xavier Giannoli • Director

Xavier Giannoli decrypts The Apparition, an immersion into a canonical investigation starring Vincent...  


Xavier Giannoli  • Director

"We all need a bit of illusion in our lives"

Xavier Giannoli • Director

VENICE 2015: The French filmmaker Xavier Giannoli deciphers Marguerite, unveiled in competition at the...  


Xavier Giannoli • Director

Superstar: "a disaster film, but with a glimmer of hope”

Xavier Giannoli • Director

Cineuropa met the French director at the 69th Venice Film Festival where he had come to screen Superstar...  


Alex Gibney  • Director of Citizen K

“I thought Khodorkovsky’s story might be an opportunity to talk about how power works in Russia”

Alex Gibney • Director of Citizen K

VENICE 2019: American documentarian Alex Gibney discusses his Citizen K and tells Cineuropa a bunch of...  

09/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Out of Competition

Ben Gibson  • Director, DFFB

“DFFB is consistently capturing real audiences for real filmmaking”

Ben Gibson • Director, DFFB

We sat down with British film producer Ben Gibson to chat about his experience so far as head of the...  


Jakub Gierszal - Shooting Stars 2012 - 
 - Poland


Jakub Gierszal - Shooting Stars 2012

Jakub Gierszal made splash in Jan Komasa's Suicide room. He is currently working on Jacek Borcuch's...  

Rezo Gigineishvili • Director


Rezo Gigineishvili • Director

We caught up with Georgian director Rezo Gigineishvili, who was in the Sarajevo Film Festival competition...  


Ariadna Gil • Actress

Restless imagination

Ariadna Gil • Actress


Cintia Gil  • Artistic director, Sheffield Doc/Fest

“One of the reasons why film festivals exist is to bring people together”

Cintia Gil • Artistic director, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Cintia Gil, artistic director of Sheffield Doc/Fest, details how the festival will implement online...  

01/04/2020 | Sheffield Doc Fest 2020

Mateo Gil  • Director

“I was always tempted by the idea of making a comedy”

Mateo Gil • Director

After his forays into thriller, western and sci-fi territory, Spanish director Mateo Gil is boldly sinking...  

13/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

Yann Gilbert • Producer

A maieutic collaboration

Yann Gilbert • Producer

Yann Gilbert, the producer of Tout pour plaire, agreed to meet Cineuropa, in presence of the director, in...  


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