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Fabrizio Polpettini • Producer

“Festivals will remain the core of distribution in the near future”

Fabrizio Polpettini • Producer

An interview with French documentary producer Fabrizio Polpettini of La Bête, one of the participants of...  

06/03/2018 | Emerging Producers 2018

Giovanni Pompili  • Producer, Kino Produzioni

"In future, those who manage to inject emotive value into their works will do well"

Giovanni Pompili • Producer, Kino Produzioni

Chosen as one of the EFP’s 2020 Producers on the Move, Italy’s Giovanni Pompili of Kino Produzioni talks...  

12/05/2020 | Producers on the Move 2020

Marco Pontecorvo  • Director

"Oil in the backyard, a metaphor for modern-day Italy"

Marco Pontecorvo • Director

At the Bif&st in Bari we met Marco Pontecorvo, the director of Tempo instabile con probabili schiarite  


Julius Ponten • Producer

“We should develop an attitude to conquer the world”

Julius Ponten • Producer

Cineuropa met up with Dutch producer Julius Ponten, who will take part in the 2017 edition of EFP’s...  


Interview [it]

Marco Ponti • Director

Constantin Popescu  • Director

“It wouldn’t hurt if filmmakers received more support from the authorities”

Constantin Popescu • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2017: We met up with Romanian director Constantin Popescu, whose third feature, Pororoca, is...  

26/09/2017 | San Sebastián 2017 | Competition

Constantin   Popescu  • Director

"I don’t want to make only one kind of films"

Constantin Popescu • Director

The Romanian filmaker introduces some very special principles of life in his second feature, written by...  


Constantin Popescu • Director

“I knew it was a difficult challenge”

Constantin Popescu • Director


Maria Popistasu • Actress

Shooting Star 2007 - Romania

Maria Popistasu • Actress


Marta Popivoda • Director of Landscapes of Resistance

"In my work, I always deal with the tension between memory and history"

Marta Popivoda • Director of Landscapes of Resistance

Serbian director tells us about the genesis of her film playing at Rotterdam, the choice not to use...  

05/02/2021 | IFFR 2021 | Tiger Competition

Darko Popov • Pank Films

Producers on the Move 2011 - Macedonia

Darko Popov • Pank Films

Macedonian producer Darko Popov has recently finished the production of Slovenian director Andrej Košak's...  


Christian Popp • Producer

Christian Popp • Producer

EDN has talked to Christian Popp about his company YUZU Productions and his approach to documentaries  


Erik Poppe  • Director

“I was sceptical about whether it would be possible to transform this story into a film”

Erik Poppe • Director

BERLIN 2018: Norwegian filmmaker Erik Poppe discusses his emotive, harrowing U – July 22  

22/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Competition

Erik Poppe • Director

“I think that we could do with leaders like Haakon VII today”

Erik Poppe • Director

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Norway's Erik Poppe, director of The King’s Choice, which is...  


Erik Poppe • Director

From Juliette to Juliette

Erik Poppe • Director

A Thousand Times Good Night is the fourth feature by director and war photographer Erik Poppe.  


Corneliu Porumboiu • Director


Corneliu Porumboiu • Director

As part of the Les Cinéastes invitent... L'ami européen initiative, Toute l'Europe and Cineuropa sat down...  


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