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Karin Julsrud • Producer

"Seduced by the playfulness of Reprise"

Karin Julsrud • Producer

Karin Julsrud, who spent many years working as independent producer and filmmaker in Norway, joined the...  


Miranda July  • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2014

Miranda July • Director

VENICE 2014: Artist Miranda July has presented her original contribution to the Miu Miu Women's Tales...  


Alexis Juncosa • Artistic Director, Luxembourg City Film Festival

"We’d like to become a “metafestival” where you can see the best possible films being made"

Alexis Juncosa • Artistic Director, Luxembourg City Film Festival

We met with Alexis Juncosa who heads up programming for the Luxembourg City Film Festival, the 10th...  

20/02/2020 | Luxembourg 2020

Jung • Director


Jung • Director

Approved for Adoption is a unique cross between autobiography and documentary, comic book and animation,...  

Carla Juri • Actress

Interview - Shooting Stars 2013 - Switzerland

Carla Juri • Actress

As a multilingual actress, Carla Juri has appeared in films in Switzerland, Germany, England and Italy,...  


Zvonimir   Juric,  Goran Devic • Directors

“We wanted to make a haunting film”

Zvonimir Juric, Goran Devic • Directors

One of Croatia’s best-known filmmakers, Goran Dević, and master director Zvonimir Jurić have made an...  


Ankica Juric Tilic

2009 Producers on the Move – Croatia

Ankica Juric Tilic

Ankica Juric Tilic 2009 Producers on the Move – Croatia  


Zvonimir Jurić  • Director

“I am interested in things that the war brought to the surface”

Zvonimir Jurić • Director

Cineuropa chatted to Zvonimir Juric, director of The Reaper, about his approach to the film's narrative...  


Siniša Juričić • Nukleus Film

Producers on the move 2012 – Croatia

Siniša Juričić • Nukleus Film

Croatian producer Siniša Juričić is going to Cannes in double capacity  


Siniša Juričić  • Producer


Siniša Juričić • Producer

We caught up with Croatian producer Siniša Juričić, who took some time out to talk to us about the...  

13/08/2018 | Sarajevo 2018 | Industry

Brad Jurjens • Director

From LA to the Estonian guerrilla

Brad Jurjens • Director

The director of action films such as Hired Gun tells Cineuropa about moving from Estonia to LA and his...  


Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2016

"We’re not politicians"

Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2016

CANNES 2016: The president of the jury of the competition at Cannes, George Miller, and his jury members...  


Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2017

"A sense of humility in front of the big screen"

Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2017

CANNES 2017: The chair of the competition jury, Pedro Almodóvar, and his fellow jury members spoke to the...  


Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2018

"It would be a bit dull if we all agreed all of the time"

Jury • Cannes Film Festival 2018

CANNES 2018: Cate Blanchett, the president of Cannes’ competition jury, and her jurors spoke about the...  

08/05/2018 | Cannes 2018 | Jury

Hana Jušić  • Director


Hana Jušić • Director

VENICE 2016: Croatian director Hana Jušić is presenting her feature debut, Quit Staring at My Plate, in...  


Anna Justice  • Director

And Justice for all

Anna Justice • Director

German filmmaker Anna Justice (Remembrance) talks about her career in filmmaking and the making of her...  


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