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Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo  • Director of Take It or Leave It

"Being a parent goes beyond the simple notions of being a mother or father"

Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo • Director of Take It or Leave It

Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo talks about her first feature film, Take It or Leave It, awarded at Arras and...  

13/11/2018 | Black Nights 2018 | Estonian Film Competition

Anne-Louise Trividic • Gabrielle's scriptwriter

"I describe the difficulty of expressing feelings"

Anne-Louise Trividic • Gabrielle's scriptwriter


Fien Troch • Director

"I wanted the film to speak the language of teenagers"

Fien Troch • Director

Cineuropa caught up with Belgian director Fien Troch following the selection of her latest film, Home,...  


Fien Troch • Director

Someone Else's Happiness

Fien Troch • Director

The freedom of creating  


Ingmar Trost

Producers on the Move 2015 - Germany

Ingmar Trost

Ingmar Trost, producer at Cologne-based production outfit Sutor Kolonko, is aiming to build up...  


Margarethe von Trotta • Director

Interview Hannah Arendt

Margarethe von Trotta • Director

German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta was in Paris to attend the event “Les cinéastes invitent l’ami...  

François Troukens  • Director

"I was interested in depicting how a public enemy is created"

François Troukens • Director

VENICE 2017: Cineuropa chatted to François Troukens, the co-director of Above the Law, which is being...  


Xavier Troussard • MEDIA Programme

“The aim is to raise people's interest in European film”

Xavier Troussard • MEDIA Programme

Cineuropa talks with the new head of the MEDIA programme about Europe's upcoming support to audiovisual sector  


John Truby • Scriptwriter

The anatonomy of scriptwriting

John Truby • Scriptwriter


Isabelle Truc  • Producer, Iota Production

"There’s an artistic richness to working on both short films and European co-productions"

Isabelle Truc • Producer, Iota Production

Producer Isabelle Truc (Iota Production) tells us about her career, the situation in French-speaking...  


David Trueba • Director

“Shooting this film was tremendously cathartic”

David Trueba • Director

Spain's David Trueba releases Casi 40, an independent road movie made with total freedom that scooped the...  

28/06/2018 | Cinema Jove 2018

Fernando Trueba  • Director

“Comedy is there to be shared”

Fernando Trueba • Director

Fernando Trueba signs The Queen of Spain, an ensemble, historical comedy in which he revisits the genre...  


Jonás Trueba  • Director

“I’ve moved closer to the very essence of film”

Jonás Trueba • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2016: Spanish director Jonás Trueba spills the beans about his fourth film, The Reconquest,...  


Jonás Trueba  • Director

“I live with insecurity by making my own, unrestricted films”

Jonás Trueba • Director

Spanish director Jonás Trueba took home the Special Jury Prize from the 18th Málaga Spanish Film Festival...  


Jonás Trueba • Director of The August Virgin

"I enjoy feeling like a tourist in my own city"

Jonás Trueba • Director of The August Virgin

Spanish filmmaker Jonás Trueba is visiting Karlovy Vary for the first time with his fifth film, The August...  

28/06/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019

Adriana Trujillo  • Producer

"At the end, documentary is a form of poetry and rhetoric"

Adriana Trujillo • Producer

We met up with Adriana Trujillo, Emerging Producer 2017 from guest country Mexico, to discuss her work...