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David Súkup  • Co-director of Of Unwanted Things and People

"Since the beginning, there has been this idea to have a united artistic approach"

David Súkup • Co-director of Of Unwanted Things and People

We caught up with David Súkup, one of the directors of Of Unwanted Things and People, the project that won...  


Elia Suleiman  • Director of It Must Be Heaven

“The class and economic gap, migration, anxiety and violence – that’s what this film is about, basically”

Elia Suleiman • Director of It Must Be Heaven

CANNES 2019: We sat down with Palestinian director Elia Suleiman to delve deeper into his Palme d’Or...  

25/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Competition

Martin Šulík  • Director

“If we forget our past, we are easy victims for demagogues”

Martin Šulík • Director

BERLIN 2018: Cineuropa sat down with Slovakian director Martin Šulík to talk about his latest film, The...  

23/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Berlinale Special

Malgorzata Sumowska • Director

"Making an impact on mentalities that have gone to sleep"

Malgorzata Sumowska • Director

Sexuality, student prostitution, ageing, eroticism: the Polish director reveals the motivations behind her...  


Lorenz Suter  • Director

“The movie was like a work in progress; nobody knew where the story was going”

Lorenz Suter • Director

Cineuropa talked to Swiss director Lorenz Suter at Solothurn about his mysterious and aesthetically...  

02/02/2018 | Solothurn 2018

Jan Švankmajer • Director

“I like to open up the creative process to improvisation for as long as possible”

Jan Švankmajer • Director

Cineuropa talked to legendary Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer about misanthropy, censorship and his latest...  

29/01/2018 | Rotterdam 2018

Yngvild Sve Flikke  • Director

"Falling, in love or not, to emerge stronger"

Yngvild Sve Flikke • Director

Cineuropa met the Norwegian director Yngvild Sve Flikke, who has just screened her first feature film...  


Eirik Svensson  • Director

"Working differently: a serious game"

Eirik Svensson • Director

Eirik Svensson, whose first feature film, Must Have Been Love has just come out, belongs to a brand new...  


Mikael Svensson  • Head of the Oresund Film Commission, Southern Sweden

“Our work leads to a stronger film industry in Europe”

Mikael Svensson • Head of the Oresund Film Commission, Southern Sweden

We chatted to Mikael Svensson, head of the Oresund Film Commission, Southern Sweden, to find out more...  


Jan Sverak

The film I made without Americans

Jan Sverak

Winner of an Oscar in 1996 Oscar for Kolya, the Czech director presents Dark Blue World. A tale of love,...  


Antonin Svoboda • Director


Antonin Svoboda • Director

Austrian filmmaker Antonin Svoboda has talked to us about his film Cry Baby, Cry, screened in the...  

23/08/2018 | Sarajevo 2018 | Documentary Competition

Antonin Svoboda • producer

LUX Prize 2010, European Parliament

Antonin Svoboda • producer

Interview with the producer of Lourdes. This Austrian/German/French co-production tells the story of a...  

Tereza Swadoschová  • Head of the Inspiration Forum, Ji.hlava IDFF

“Our audience is our muse”

Tereza Swadoschová • Head of the Inspiration Forum, Ji.hlava IDFF

We sat down with Tereza Swadoschová, head of the Inspiration Forum at the Ji.hlava IDFF, to talk about...  

22/10/2018 | Jihlava 2018

Tilda Swinton - actress

Interview - Venice Film Festival

Tilda Swinton - actress

A friend's portrait  

European Documentary Market - How does Documentary Campus work?

Peter Symes • Head of Studies at the Documentary Masterschool

Training Programmes for Documentary Professionals in Europe  


Patrik Syversen • Director

"Afterparty... is believing the party's still raging, even though it's already over"

Patrik Syversen • Director

Cineuropa sat down with Norwegian director Patrik Syversen to discuss his fifth feature film, Afterparty,...