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Chen Lizhi  • Producer, Spire Media

“I don’t think there is a single topic or genre that you can’t realise in China”

Chen Lizhi • Producer, Spire Media

Bridging the Dragon met up with Chen Lizhi, producer at Chinese outfit Spire Media, which was an associate...  


Nikola Ljuca • Director


Nikola Ljuca • Director

BERLIN 2016: Cineuropa interviewed Serbian filmmaker Nikola Ljuca about his film Humidity, presented in...  


Miguel Llansó  • Director of Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

"If the preference is for something successful, rather than something risky, then we have a problem as a species"

Miguel Llansó • Director of Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

We chatted to Spanish director Miguel Llansó after he premiered his new feature Jesus Shows You the Way to...  

10/07/2019 | NIFFF 2019

Claudia Llosa  • Director

"Every production presents new obstacles and the challenge is to learn to work with them"

Claudia Llosa • Director

After winning a Golden Bear for The Milk of Sorrow, the Peruvian director returned to the Berlinale with a...  


Christian Lo • Director

"My style is close to realism, tempered by tenderness and nuanced humour"

Christian Lo • Director

BERLIN 2018: We met up with Norwegian director Christian Lo, whose third feature film Los Bando is...  

21/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Generation

A. Lo Russo and M. Matarozzo • MAshRome Film Fest

"The internet is the third industrial revolution"

A. Lo Russo and M. Matarozzo • MAshRome Film Fest

The directors of the first Italian festival dedicated to film and audiovisual remix talk about the...  


Cannes 2009 - 
Ken Loach • Director

“Put a smile on our faces”

Cannes 2009
Ken Loach • Director


Jim Loach  • director


Jim Loach • director

Ken Loach  • Director

“A place that symbolises freedom of thought”

Ken Loach • Director

CANNES 2014: In competition at Cannes for the 12th time, the English filmmaker discusses his latest opus,...  


Ken Loach • Director

"The point is not to make people laugh or cry"

Ken Loach • Director

Realist comedy, whisky, and the working class. The English filmmaker talks about making The Angels' Share.  


Ken Loach • Director

"Work is exploitation, but alternatives do exist"

Ken Loach • Director


Ken Loach • Director

Remember the past to understand the present

Ken Loach • Director

Speaking in Cannes at the British Pavilion to an audience of film professionals and fans of his work...  


Ken Loach • Director

'More respect for socially-minded films"

Ken Loach • Director

The English director was the guest speaker in a debate organised in a Roman high school, during which he...  


Ken Loach  • Director of Sorry We Missed You

“Now, the worker assumes all the risk and has to exploit himself”

Ken Loach • Director of Sorry We Missed You

CANNES 2019: At the press conference for his Palme d’Or contender Sorry We Missed You, Brit Ken Loach...  

17/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Competition

Mirko Locatelli • Director

Foreign Bodies to make spectators uncomfortable

Mirko Locatelli • Director

The idea came twenty years ago when screenwriter Giuditta Tarantelli shared the following idea with...  


Dominik Locher • Director

“Understanding a film through its actions and not its dialogue”

Dominik Locher • Director

LOCARNO 2017: Cineuropa welcomed Swiss director Dominik Locher, who spoke to us about his new film,...