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Mikko Aromaa  • Director, Night Visions

“It’s not just horror, horror, horror”

Mikko Aromaa • Director, Night Visions

With the spring edition of Helsinki’s Night Visions finally here, Cineuropa talks to festival director...  


Alessandro Aronadio • Director

“I’m happy that I’m part of this historical era in Italian film”

Alessandro Aronadio • Director

VENICE 2016: Cineuropa caught up with Italian director Alessandro Aronadio, who presented his feature Ears...  


Ado Arrietta  • Director

"Real life doesn't appeal to me at all"

Ado Arrietta • Director

World-premiering in the 13th Seville European Film Festival, Spanish director Ado Arrietta’s latest...  


Tommaso Arrighi • Producer

“We wanted to make an Icelandic co-production with a European feel to it”

Tommaso Arrighi • Producer

We spoke to Mood Film producer Tommaso Arrighi about the Italian-Icelandic co-production Two Small...  


Thomas Arslan • Director

“I prefer a suggestive approach”

Thomas Arslan • Director

BERLIN 2017: Once again up for an award in Berlin, German filmmaker Thomas Arslan tells us about his...  


Thomas Arslan • Director

"Unknown territory"

Thomas Arslan • Director

The German filmmaker deciphers his atypical western Gold, presented in competition in Berlin.  


Thomas Arslan • Director


Thomas Arslan • Director

German director Thomas Arslan talks about his gangster movie In the Shadow  

Cristóbal Arteaga  • Director

“Spain’s tax situation is a disgrace”

Cristóbal Arteaga • Director

The Galicia-based Chilean filmmaker is presenting his as-yet-unseen debut film, Faro sin isla, in the...  


Natasha Arthy • Director

Cultures and kicks clash in Arthy’s new kung fu film

Natasha Arthy • Director


Irasj Asanti  • Director

“My constant concern is being authentic and truthful”

Irasj Asanti • Director

Cineuropa meets Norwegian director Irasj Asanti whose first feature film Høvdinger is released tomorrow...  


Pilou Asbæk • Actress

Shooting Stars 2011

Pilou Asbæk • Actress

Interview with the shooting star Pilou Asbæk, who first moved local audiences with his performance as a...  


Lisa Aschan • Director


Lisa Aschan • Director

Swedish director Lisa Ascham on her latest film She Monkeys: "This game of power and sex is very human"  

Tova Ascher  • Director


Tova Ascher • Director

Cineuropa has talked to Israeli director Tova Ascher about her debut A.K.A. Nadia, competing in Black...  


Uli Aselmann • Producer, die film gmbh

Creative Motor

Uli Aselmann • Producer, die film gmbh

Uli Aselmann tells German Films Quarterly about the production outfit die film gmbh, which he created in 1997  


Ana Asensio • Director

"Private producers believed in my passion"

Ana Asensio • Director

Actress Ana Asensio makes her directorial debut with Most Beautiful Island, which premiered in Europe at...  


Olivier Assayas  • Director

"Women are usually the protagonists of my films because deep down I’m a bit of a feminist"

Olivier Assayas • Director

We spoke to French director Olivier Assayas, who was awarded at Cannes for his film Personal Shopper and...