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Yuriy Shylov  • Director of Projectionist

“I saw the heroes as dinosaurs living in today’s world”

Yuriy Shylov • Director of Projectionist

We caught up with director Yuriy Shylov to get the low-down on his feature debut, Projectionist, which...  

08/07/2019 | Karlovy Vary 2019 | Documentary Competition

Sydney Sibilia  • Director

"I just wanted to make people laugh"

Sydney Sibilia • Director

We met the director who made his debut with an exhilarating comedy that quickly won over the public and...  


Radovan Síbrt • Producer

“I am more concerned about topics than country of origin”

Radovan Síbrt • Producer

The Czech co-producer of the Golden Bear-winning Touch Me Not, Radovan Síbrt, has been picked for the...  

12/05/2018 | Producers on the Move 2018

Charlotte Sieling • Director

"I decided to exaggerate a little bit and to push certain situations to the extreme"

Charlotte Sieling • Director

We met up with Danish director Charlotte Sieling, whose latest film The Man is released in cinemas in Norway  


Christiane Siemen  • CEO, Creative Europe Desk Hamburg

“The depth of the characters counts, no matter what kind of story is being told”

Christiane Siemen • CEO, Creative Europe Desk Hamburg

We spoke to Christiane Siemen, CEO of Creative Europe Desk Hamburg, about the benefits that the Series Lab...  


Jörg Siepmann • Producer

Slipping into the producer’s role 2Pilots Filmproduction

Jörg Siepmann • Producer

As 2Pilots Filmproduction approached its 15th anniversary this year, the company has had one of its...  


Alina Sigaro • Alta Films

Head of Marketing at Alta Classics

Alina Sigaro • Alta Films


Hafstein Gunnar Sigurdsson • Director

Interview - 10 European Directors To Watch

Hafstein Gunnar Sigurdsson • Director

Hafstein Gunnar Sigurdsson, Either Way’s director describes what an Icelandic comedy looks like  


Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson  • Director

“We just need to compromise”

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson • Director

VENICE 2017: Cineuropa talked to Icelandic director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, whose third feature,...  


Ismet Sijarina  • Director

"These were the years when we didn’t live, but merely existed"

Ismet Sijarina • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: We chatted to Kosovar director Ismet Sijarina, whose debut feature, Cold November, has...  

01/10/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | New Directors

Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

"I’m involved in the creative process from the beginning till the end"

Jasmina Sijerčić • Producer

Bocalupo Films' Jasmina Sijerčić, Emerging Producer 2017 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, discusses her work  


Riina Sildos

Producer on the Move 2007 - Estonia

Riina Sildos


Riina Sildos • Head of Baltic Event

“I don’t have to chase projects anymore”

Riina Sildos • Head of Baltic Event


Silent Sonata


Silent Sonata

Nicolas Silhol • Director

"The subject matter of the film scared people"

Nicolas Silhol • Director

KARLOVY VARY 2017: We caught up with French filmmaker Nicolas Silhol to talk about his first feature film,...  


Vassili Silovic  • Director, LIM - Less Is More

“We don’t want to sell a story; we want to tell a story”

Vassili Silovic • Director, LIM - Less Is More

Cineuropa talked to Vassili Silovic, the director of Less Is More, at the 16th Transilvania IFF to discuss...