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Minos Nikolakakis  • Director of Entwined

"What you craft in your mind is always more effective than what actually happens"

Minos Nikolakakis • Director of Entwined

We chatted to Greek writer-director Minos Nikolakakis, whose feature debut, Entwined, world-premiered in...  

18/09/2019 | Toronto 2019 | Discovery

Jovana Nikolić • Producer

“The new generation of documentary filmmakers in Serbia has talent and desire”

Jovana Nikolić • Producer

Cineuropa met up with Jovana Nikolić, of Serbia’s Prababa Production, who has been selected for EFP’s...  


Vladan Nikolic • Director


Vladan Nikolic • Director

Vladan Nikolic • Director


Vladan Nikolic • Director


Angelina Nikonova • Director

Interview - Venice Days 2011

Angelina Nikonova • Director

Angelina Nikonova's Twilight Portrait is the portrait of an inhospitable Russia in which indifference,...  

Christos Nikou • Director of Apples

“I always love movies that change the rules of our society a little bit”

Christos Nikou • Director of Apples

VENICE 2020: Director Christos Nikou tells Cineuropa about Apples, the opening film of Venice’s Orizzonti...  

03/09/2020 | Venice 2020 | Orizzonti

Martina Niland

Producer on the Move 2007 – Ireland

Martina Niland


Marie Nilsson  • CEO, Mediavision

“It will be interesting to see what happens in the autumn/winter window”

Marie Nilsson • CEO, Mediavision

Our conversation focused on the Nordic region's most recent behaviours and trends in audiovisual consumption  

06/05/2021 | /Sweden/Denmark/Finland/Norway

Li Ning  • CEO, New Classics Media, producer and distributor

“Clarifying the target audience of the film is the first step to success”

Li Ning • CEO, New Classics Media, producer and distributor

At the fifth Sino-European Project Lab in Beijing, we caught up with Li Ning, CEO of the successful...  

25/10/2019 | Bridging the Dragon 2019

Susana Nobre  • Director of Jack's Ride

"The static camera corresponds best to the way I think of the images and the sequences"

Susana Nobre • Director of Jack's Ride

BERLINALE 2021: The Portuguese director presented her documentary with fictional elements in this year's...  

01/03/2021 | Berlinale 2021 | Forum

Claudio Noce  • Director

“A dark fairytale anchored to reality”

Claudio Noce • Director

The Ice Forest, the new film by Claudio Noce, will be released on 13 November. We met up with the...  


Claudio Noce • Director of Padrenostro

“As children, we lived in a climate of fear, without much of an explanation from our parents”

Claudio Noce • Director of Padrenostro

VENICE 2020: Italy’s Claudio Noce speaks to us about Padrenostro, in which he takes on a traumatic part of...  

05/09/2020 | Venice 2020 | Competition

Marie Noëlle  • Director

“My film should encourage women to do what feels right to them”

Marie Noëlle • Director

For her biopic on Marie Curie, French writer-director-producer Marie Noëlle studied the original diaries...  


Delphine Noels  • Director

"I've tried to show people, without making anything explicit"

Delphine Noels • Director

En français: Cineuropa talked to Belgian director Delphine Noels upon the Belgian release of her feature...  


Michael Noer  • Director

"Apparently crime has a magnetic effect on me, but at least I am not alone"

Michael Noer • Director

Michael Noer talks about Key House Mirror, his award-winning Ghita Nørby and Sven Wollter starrer, which...  


Michael Noer • Director

“Reality becomes a natural prerequisite for my fictional stories”

Michael Noer • Director

34-year-old Danish director signed several documentaries before he collaborated with Tobias Lindholm on...  


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