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Lorcan Finnegan  • Director of Vivarium

“There is an element of horror in the everyday”

Lorcan Finnegan • Director of Vivarium

We talked to Lorcan Finnegan, the Dublin-born director of Vivarium, a brand-new take on the suburban dream  

17/10/2019 | Sitges 2019

Angus Finney  • Project manager, Film London Production Finance Market

"This market is completely international"

Angus Finney • Project manager, Film London Production Finance Market

Cineuropa met Angus Finney, of the Film London Production Finance Market, which holds its 8th edition in...  


Beadie Finzi • BRITDOC


Beadie Finzi • BRITDOC

Beadie Finzi is the founding director of Britdoc. Cineuropa met her at the Good Pitch Europe 2013, which...  

Mario Fiorito • Distributor

Mario Fiorito • Distributor


Pernille Fischer Christensen  • Director

“If it hadn’t been for Pippi, I wouldn’t be a director”

Pernille Fischer Christensen • Director

BERLIN 2018: Danish filmmaker Pernille Fischer Christensen talked to Cineuropa about Becoming Astrid,...  

26/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Berlinale Special

Pernille Fischer Christensen • Director

Love explorer

Pernille Fischer Christensen • Director

With A Soap, winner of a Silver Bear and Best First Feature film in the last Berlinale, Pernille is now...  


Stine Fischer Christensen

Shooting Star 2008 - Denmark

Stine Fischer Christensen


Vlado Fischer • Director

"It is very important to get Slovak spectators back to the cinema"

Vlado Fischer • Director


Wolfgang Fischer • Director

"Film can be a very powerful force"

Wolfgang Fischer • Director

VENICE 2018: We have met up with German director Wolfgang Fischer in the Giornate degli Autori to talk...  

05/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Giornate degli Autori - LUX Prize 2018

Ahmed El Fishawy  • Actor

“We can’t judge on the basis of religion or colour, or even nationality”

Ahmed El Fishawy • Actor

At Cairo, Cineuropa got the chance to meet Ahmed El Fishawy, the lead actor from Sheikh Jackson, who spoke...  


Atli Óskar Fjalarsson  • Iceland

Shooting Stars 2016

Atli Óskar Fjalarsson • Iceland

Atli Óskar Fjalarsson reunited with Rúnar Rúnarsson to portray the angsty teen Ari in the director's...  


Joachim Fjelstrup • Denmark

Shooting Stars 2015

Joachim Fjelstrup • Denmark

Joachim Fjelstrup from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, one of European cinema's up an...  


Laurits Flensted-Jensen  • Director

“My childhood was a lot about challenging norms”

Laurits Flensted-Jensen • Director

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: We sat down with Danish filmmaker Laurits Flensted-Jensen, whose feature debut, Neon...  

26/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | New Directors

Dexter Fletcher  • Director of Rocketman

"The musical has that great element which I call the ‘to be or not to be’ moment"

Dexter Fletcher • Director of Rocketman

CANNES 2019: We spoke to British helmer Dexter Fletcher about the ins and outs of Rocketman, his Elton...  

23/05/2019 | Cannes 2019 | Out of Competition

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin • Managing director, Les Arcs Film Festival

"The spirit of Les Arcs is to stand up for quality cinema and play an active part in the creative process"

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin • Managing director, Les Arcs Film Festival

Two days before the tenth Les Arcs Film Festival kicks off, Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin, the event’s...  

13/12/2018 | Les Arcs 2018

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