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Grégory Magne • Director of Perfumes

"It’s a case of underplaying things and placing faith in a look"

Grégory Magne • Director of Perfumes

French filmmaker Grégory Magne discusses his highly engaging work Perfumes, propelled by Emmanuelle Devos...  

01/07/2020 | /France

Jane Magnusson  • Director

“You don’t have to dig too deep to find out bad things about Bergman”

Jane Magnusson • Director

We caught up with Swedish director Jane Magnusson as she presented her documentary Bergman – A Year in a...  

03/08/2018 | New Horizons 2018

Kim Magnusson

Nordisk’s projects

Kim Magnusson

The challenges and ambitions facing the Danish producer, who’s now working as the head of the most...  


Tivi Magnusson • Producer

A fruitful collaboration with Denmark’s star writer/director

Tivi Magnusson • Producer

Tivi Magnusson has been a producer for the last 25 years and running his own company M&M Production for...  


Susani Mahadura  • Director of Kelet

“A black model on the cover of a magazine is a black person being celebrated”

Susani Mahadura • Director of Kelet

Cineuropa chatted to Susani Mahadura, the director of Kelet, crowned as the winner of the Audience Award...  

04/02/2020 | DocPoint 2020

Alan Maher • Producer

“The Irish film industry has come of age”

Alan Maher • Producer

Ireland’s Alan Maher (Marcie Films) produced Song of Granite and his next, Trade, will shoot this autumn  


Fawzia Mahmood • Producer, NW Pictures

“As filmmakers, we have to be always vigilant about what we’re lending our hand to”

Fawzia Mahmood • Producer, NW Pictures

Interview with Fawzia Mahmood, producer for British company NW Pictures and selected for the 2020 Emerging...  

04/03/2020 | Emerging Producers 2020

Kike Maíllo  • Director

“A colourful noir can turn out to be really interesting”

Kike Maíllo • Director

Kike Maíllo is opening the official section of the 19th Málaga Spanish Film Festival with Toro, his new...  


Kike Maíllo • Director of A Perfect Enemy

“We’ve made a very loose adaptation of the novel”

Kike Maíllo • Director of A Perfect Enemy

Kike Maíllo talks to us about A Perfect Enemy, his particular take on The Enemy's Cosmetique by Belgian...  

14/10/2020 | Sitges 2020

Andres and Katrin Maimik • Directors

“We have always been inspired by the close relationships between parents and children”

Andres and Katrin Maimik • Directors

KARLOVY VARY 2017: Estonia’s Andres and Katrin Maimik talk about their second feature, The Man Who Looks...  


Gabriele Mainetti  • Director

"Real characters in a ridiculous context"

Gabriele Mainetti • Director

After astounding audiences at the Rome Film Fest last October, the Roman director talked to us about his...  


Gaetano Maiorino  • Managing Director and Head of Acquisitions, True Colours

“We’ve filled a void and given value to Italian films on international markets”

Gaetano Maiorino • Managing Director and Head of Acquisitions, True Colours

On the occasion of the MIA’s opening, we spoke with Gaetano Maiorino about how True Colours has managed to...  

14/10/2020 | /Italy

Maïwenn • Director

“I’m obsessed with making it seem real”

Maïwenn • Director

Crusade for the protection of children and cinema-verite. The fiery director of Poliss, which won the Jury...  


Maruša Majer • Actress


Maruša Majer • Actress

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Slovenian actress Maruša Majer, selected as one of the Shooting Stars...  


Lech Majewski  • Director

"I’m against enforcing the behaviourist approach on film”

Lech Majewski • Director

We met with Polish filmmaker Lech Majewski to talk about his new film Field of Dogs, inspired by Dante and...  


Lech Majewski • Director

Layers of perspective

Lech Majewski • Director

Director Lech Majewski has harnessed his lifelong interest in Breugel and the cooperation of scholars and...  


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