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Tiha K Gudac  • Director of The Wire

“None of the people in my film are activists; they just had to respond to the crisis they were caught up in”

Tiha K Gudac • Director of The Wire

The Croatian director takes on yet another makeshift border dividing Europe, showing how important it is...  

23/06/2021 | ZagrebDox 2021

Hilmar Gudjônsson - Shooting Stars 2012 - 
 - Iceland


Hilmar Gudjônsson - Shooting Stars 2012

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson • Director


Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson • Director

VENICE 2016: Iceland makes its debut appearance at Venice, in the 13th edition of the Venice Days, with...  


Tiago Guedes  • Director of The Domain

The Domain is the story of a man who tries to keep his legacy intact”

Tiago Guedes • Director of The Domain

VENICE 2019: Cineuropa braved the rain to meet with Portuguese filmmaker Tiago Guedes, who is presenting...  

07/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Competition

Robert Guédiguian  • Director

“My films reflect where I am”

Robert Guédiguian • Director

VENICE 2017: Robert Guédiguian comes back to the Venice Film Festival with The House by the Sea, but not...  


Robert Guédiguian • Director

LUX Prize 2011

Robert Guédiguian • Director

Class consciousness, poverty and generational conflict under the Marseilles sun. The Snows of Kilimanjaro...  

Robert Guédiguian • Director

"Encourage people who have courage to remain courageous"

Robert Guédiguian • Director

Morals, poverty, working-class culture and political activism, class consciousness and generational gap:...  


Robert Guédiguian • Director

A story of revenge

Robert Guédiguian • Director


Robert Guédiguian  • Director of Gloria Mundi

“I don’t judge my characters; I judge the society that produces them”

Robert Guédiguian • Director of Gloria Mundi

VENICE 2019: Two years after The House by the Sea, Cineuropa reunites with French filmmaker Robert...  

08/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Competition

Lionel Guedj  • Producer

“We want to work with artists who are not averse to taking risks”

Lionel Guedj • Producer

We met up with producer Lionel Guedj (of To Be Continued) at the Cinemed Meetings to discuss the project...  


Franck Guérin • Director

Un jour d’été

Franck Guérin • Director

Explorer of the intimate with a socio-political backdrop  


José Luis Guerín  ­• Director

"Shooting with the limited resources available to me was something of a political gesture"

José Luis Guerín ­• Director

LOCARNO 2015: The great voice of auteur cinema in Spain, Jose Luis Guerin, has debuted his latest project...  


José Luis Guerín • Director

"The only continent I understand is the continent of cinema"

José Luis Guerín • Director


José Luis Guerín • Director

Time is the essence

José Luis Guerín • Director

One of the special guests of the Festival is Spanish filmmaker José Luis Guerín who explains his...  


Ciro Guerra  • Director of Waiting for the Barbarians

“Some people have called this novel unfilmable, but I could see it very clearly”

Ciro Guerra • Director of Waiting for the Barbarians

VENICE 2019: Ciro Guerra talks about the creative joys and challenges of adapting the JM Coetzee novel in...  

10/09/2019 | Venice 2019 | Competition

Victória Guerra • Actress


Victória Guerra • Actress

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Portuguese actress Victória Guerra, selected as one of the Shooting...  


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