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Etienne Traisnel • IDIFF's co-ordinator

Digital and cinema join forces

Etienne Traisnel • IDIFF's co-ordinator


Elena Trapé  • Director

“My intention was to shoot a film that makes you feel uncomfortable”

Elena Trapé • Director

Catalonian filmmaker Elena Trapé is competing in the official section of Málaga with her second fiction...  

18/04/2018 | Málaga 2018

Kristina Trapp and Sarah Calderón, from EAVE and The Film Agency

"A film doesn't need lots of money [to be promoted,] it needs a creative idea"

Kristina Trapp and Sarah Calderón, from EAVE and The Film Agency

Interview with Sarah Calderon, founder of marketing agency The Film Agency and Kristina Trapp, general...  


Kristina Trapp • EAVE CEO

“Film professionals need to be generous”

Kristina Trapp • EAVE CEO


Ruth Treacy  • Producer, Tailored Films

“Producers must be more resourceful and adaptable”

Ruth Treacy • Producer, Tailored Films

The Irish producer, selected as one of EFP's 2021 Producers on the Move, talked about her career and...  

14/05/2021 | Producers on the Move 2021

Clément Tréhin-Lalanne  • Director

“I will carry on making protest films”

Clément Tréhin-Lalanne • Director

CANNES 2014: Cineuropa met up with French filmmaker Clément Tréhin-Lalanne, director of the short film...  


Trends of European animation industry

Industry report - Cartoon Movie 2010

Trends of European animation industry

Cineuropa meet Christophe Erbes, Francesco Manfio, David Matamoros, Gerald Conn, Nathan Erasmus and Léon...  

Trent • NFI

Producers on the move 2012 - The Netherlands

Trent • NFI

Mono-monikered producer Trent has made a name for himself as a producer of small independent features,...  


Stéphanie Trepanier • Frontières Market, Director

Frontières: Canada and Belgium get together to enhance genre film production

Stéphanie Trepanier • Frontières Market, Director

Canada’s Frontières International Co-Production Market is expanding its activities to Belgium in 2014  


Giorgio Treves • Director

“A pure Italian race? That’s a joke, right?”

Giorgio Treves • Director

VENICE 2018: Few people know much about a particularly dark page in Italy’s history, and Giorgio Treves is...  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Nadia Trevisan • Producer, Nefertiti Film

“Working in a border region has encouraged me to think about projects within an international context”

Nadia Trevisan • Producer, Nefertiti Film

We chatted with the Italian producer Nadia Trevisan about her experiences and her expectations as an EFP...  

07/05/2019 | Producers on the Move 2019

Joachim Trier  • Director

“We wanted to make something really fantastic”

Joachim Trier • Director

TORONTO 2017: After winning the Critics’ Prize at the Norwegian International Film Festival, Joachim...  


Joachim Trier  • Director


Joachim Trier • Director

CANNES 2015: Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Joachim Trier to talk about Louder Than Bombs, which...  


Joachim   Trier  • Director

"Loneliness in the crowd"

Joachim Trier • Director

With Oslo, August 31st, adapted from the novel The Fire Within, the young Norwegian auteur has confirmed...  


Joachim Trier • Director

"A cult movie for the young lost generation"

Joachim Trier • Director

The ambitious debut feature by Norway’s rising star filmmaker is a tribute to the French Nouvelle Vague by...  


Joachim Trier  • Director of The Worst Person in the World

“At the end of the day, all three of them feel like the worst person in the world; that’s my conclusion”

Joachim Trier • Director of The Worst Person in the World

CANNES 2021: The Norwegian director unpicks his seemingly cute, seemingly romantic comedy-drama  

11/07/2021 | Cannes 2021 | Competition

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