Production / Funding

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21 June 2018

Funding – France

Céline Sciamma’s Portrait de la jeune fille en feu to be backed by Arte France Cinéma

20 June 2018

Funding – Netherlands

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive funds 13 new productions

Production – Spain

Jonás Trueba zooms in on his latest project, Quién lo impide

19 June 2018

Production – Denmark/Sweden

May el-Toukhy wraps her sophomore work Queen of Hearts

Production – Spain

Daniel Calparsoro is set to direct Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City

15 June 2018

Production – Denmark

Ole Christian Madsen tackles the Copenhagen terrorist attack in Notat

Funding – Nordic countries

The Nordisk Film & TV Fond announces its May funding slate

Production – France

Filming kicks off on Xavier de Choudens’ Damien veut changer le monde

14 June 2018

Production – France/Belgium

Mohamed Hamidi shooting Les Footeuses

Production – US/Germany/Norway

David Wnendt’s The Sunlit Night due to commence filming in Norway

13 June 2018

Production – Denmark/Finland

Shooting is under way on Marie Grahtø’s thoroughly female debut, Teenage Jesus

Funding – Czech Republic

Czech Film Fund supports a raft of new domestic projects

11 June 2018

Production – UK/USA

Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield starts shooting

Funding – Romania

The Romanian National Film Center announces its first call for projects in 2018

Production – Italy

Leonardo Pieraccioni gets back behind the camera for Se son rose

Funding – Nordic countries

The Nordisk Film & TV Fond funds nine new audiovisual projects

08 June 2018

Production – France/Belgium

Filming is soon to kick off on Fourmi by Julien Rappeneau

Financing – France

The Silence of the Moon by Hervé Hadmar to receive funding from Ile-de-France

Funding – Norway

The Norwegian Film Institute supports two feature films

07 June 2018

Production – Hungary

Shoot about to start for Dénes Orosz’s Mimi

Production – France

Shooting kicks off on Julien Abraham's Mon frère

Funding – Finland

The Finnish Film Foundation supports 26 projects

06 June 2018

Production – Ireland

Irish drama A Bend in the River in post-production

Funding – Belgium

Screen Flanders supports the upcoming films by Stijn Coninx, Jan Verheyen and Eran Riklis

05 June 2018

Production – Germany

Deutschstunde goes into post-production

Production – Spain

Gerardo Olivares shooting the road movie 4 latas

04 June 2018

Production – Italy

Andrea Carpenzano and Stefano Accorsi star in Il campione

Funding – Serbia

Serbia funds new projects by Puiu, Schanelec, Komandarev and Bartas

Production – France

End of shooting in sight for Let's Dance

Production – France

Etienne Chatiliez shooting Tanguy 2

01 June 2018

Production – Italy

Riccardo Scamarcio currently on the set of Il testimone invisibile

Production – Germany

100 Things to spend the summer in post-production

Production – Denmark

Niels Arden Oplev’s Daniel ready for filming in October

31 May 2018

Production – Hungary

Blossom Valley to be showcased at Karlovy Vary

Production – Ireland

Tradition to be released this summer

Production – France/Belgium

Cécile de France gearing up to star in Un monde plus grand

30 May 2018

Production – France

Jeanne Balibar filming Merveilles à Montfermeil

Funding – Netherlands

Investments up in the Dutch film industry

Production – Germany

Karoline Herfurth shoots Sweethearts, her second film on both sides of the camera

29 May 2018

Production – France

Nadège Trebal shooting Douze Mille