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Industry reacts as SIAE asks websites to pay for rights to music in film trailers


Industry reacts as SIAE asks websites to pay for rights to music in film trailers

There has been concern and controversy over the decision by the SIAE (Italian Association of Authors and Publishers) to ask online film magazines to pay a contribution for the use of music included in film trailers.

ANICA, AGIS-ANEC (National Film Exhibitors Association) and ANEM(National Association of Multiplex Exhibitors) fear that the request could damage the promotion of cinema in theatres. The 100 Autori association believes it is important to "consider as much as possible the strictly promotional value of trailers and the fact that the web is nowadays the only channel for also promoting independent works that don’t have the financial means necessary for promotion on TV or in the press".

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The SIAE’s managing director, Gaetano Blandini, confirms that the musical copyright must be paid but promises that the Association of Authors and Publishers will find a fair solution to the problem.

There was a response today on from ANEM president Carlo Bernaschi, who believes that distributors have already bought the rights to the music in trailers and films from the publishing companies that hold them: "Doubts arise when a collateral remuneration, although owed, affects and depreciates the main source of remuneration, damaging the rights holders and the entire film system. I invite rights holders and the SIAE to re-examine the entire mechanism".

(Translated from Italian)

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