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Univideo ANICA research: the same spectators always go to the cinema


- A total of 27 million people went to watch Italian films over the last three years, but almost half of tickets are being bought by a core of 3 million individuals

Univideo ANICA research: the same spectators always go to the cinema

There is a usual crew of cinema-goers: 19% of Italian cinema audiences are buying 70% of tickets. And the Italian public generally prefers foreign films (with a grade of 7.64 out of 10) rather than Italian ones (which were given a 6.47). Comedies are especially popular. 

These numbers are emerging from research called "Sala e Salotto 2013", presented in Florence at a convention in which participants included the Florence assessor for culture Cristina Scaletti, representatives from ANICA (Riccardo Tozzi, Angelo Barbagallo and Michele Napoli), The Space Cinema (Giuseppe Corrado), ANEC (Domenico Di Noia), FICE (Mario Lorini), RAI (Roberta Delli Carpini), Sky Cinema (Margherita Amedei), Univideo (Roberto Guerrazzi), Mediaset (Giovanni Modina), Chili TV (Stefano Parisi), Cubovision (Piero De Chiara).

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The research, commissioned by ANICA and Univideo, in collaboration with AGIS and ANEC, and made by ERGO Research, zoomed in on the attitudes of Italians towards home-grown cinema.

Italians who go to the cinema certainly watch Italian films: of the 31 million spectators who went to the cinema at least once in the last three years, 27 million saw at least one Italian film during that time period.

The base potential is therefore high, but according to the research produced a few critical elements emerge. Almost half of tickets (42%) purchased in the past three years were bought by the same 3 million Italians, out of the total 31 million general cinema-goers. Research further spelt out that 19% of cinema consumers buy 70% of tickets.

Research went on to analyse Italian cinema’s fruition and its popularity with the broader public. First of all, it transpired that the Italian public generally prefers foreign films (read American ones) to Italian ones and that it goes to the cinema for entertainment, relaxation and escapism from everyday life. Of those very regular cinema-goers however, the motivation tends to be more about watching films that are good at telling stories and evoking emotional reactions.

Comedy is the preferred genre (48%), followed by thrillers and science-fiction films (31%) and action films (30%). The analysis reveals however that the more regular ticket buyers enjoy novel adaptations, and are reluctant to go and watch sequels starring television celebrities.

All participants at the convention which covered the points highlighted in the research through a number of lenses, underlined the necessity and emergency tied to meaningfully changing the market and opening it up as much as possible, from all angles. 

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(Translated from Italian)

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