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Thirty projects presented at the Cinekid 2015 Junior Co-Production Market


- The pitching session at Cinekid for Professionals was divided into three categories: cross-media, television and film productions from 20 different countries

Thirty projects presented at the Cinekid 2015 Junior Co-Production Market
Writer-director Samuele Rossi presenting his project Glass Boy

The third day of the industry programme (20-23 October) at Cinekid was focused on the Co-Production Market and the Cinekid for Professionals 2015 pitching session. A total of 30 promising projects from 20 different countries were shortlisted by the organisation to take part in this important event. The selection was divided into three categories: seven cross-media projects, 15 films and eight TV productions, all at very different stages of production. All of the directors and producers participating in the meeting had no more than five minutes to present their projects to the audience at the Westergas Theatre, using different approaches and technologies.

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According to Nienke Poelsma, head of Cinekid for Professionals, who introduced and moderated the interventions, it was difficult to find a balanced selection among the high number of inspiring submissions (a figure that keeps climbing every year). In the end, there was a good geographical spread and an impressive variety of genres in the selection, with a mixture of animation, live action and even two documentary projects, all of which were aimed at young audiences and families. As mentioned by Poelsma, their main goal was to ensure that during the market, they “invite and connect the right decision-making financiers and potential co-producers with the projects selected”. After the pitch, all of the attendees had the opportunity to further discuss their proposals during a one-to-one meeting, like the one held on Tuesday.

In addition to several international professionals from the children’s media industry (including TV buyers, production companies, sales agents and distributors), the official juries of Cinekid 2015 were also invited to the gathering. It is up to them to decide on the projects that deserve the two main prizes, set to be announced at the awards ceremony on the last day of the programme: the €5,000 Best Project Award and the renowned Eurimages Co-Production Development Award, worth €20,000. For the latter, eligible projects must be aiming for a theatrical release and be the result of a European co-production between at least two member states.

Below is the full list of the projects and the professionals in attendance at the Junior Co-Production Market Pitch:

Cross-media projects

  • Darwin’s Animals by Jernej Lunder, written by Jernej Lunder, Maja D Subic and Sandra Rzen - Invida d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Dofus – Book 1: Julith [+see also:
    film profile
     by Anthony Roux and Jean-Jacques Denis, written by Anthony Roux - Ankama Animations (France)
  • ISI by Iskra Karadzhova, written by Maite Cònsul - Cinètica Produccions (Spain), CGPills (Spain)
  • Mironins by Mikel Mas, written by Celia Rico - Cornelius Films (Spain)
  • Pikkuli, 2nd Season and Games by Metsämarja Aittokoski, written by Nina Erjossaari - Sun In Eye Productions (Finland), Aittokoski Experience LTD (Finland), Tomavistas (Spain)
  • Tell Me More by Duccio Chiarini, written by Sofia Assirelli and Gaia Rayneri - Rai Fiction (Italy), Tempesta (Italy/UK)

Film projects

  • Bo by Esmé Lammers, written by Barbara Jurgens -  Waterland Film (the Netherlands)
  • Coupe Confused by Mischa Kamp, written by Tamara Bos – Bos Bros (the Netherlands)
  • Deliver Us from Evil by Agnieszka Lukasiak, written by Agnieszka Lukasiak - Hob AB (Sweden)
  • Erik Stoneheart by Ilmar Raag, written by Livia Ulman and Andris Feldmanis - Amrion Production (Estonia)
  • Fly! by writer and director Ann-Kristin Reyels - Unafilm (Germany)
  • Glass Boy, written and directed by Samuele Rossi - Solaria Film (Italy), Echivisivi (Italy), WILDart Film (Austria)
  • Kaytek the Wizard by Magdalena Lazarkiewicz, written by Magdalena Lazarkiewicz and Katarzyna Terechowicz - Mediabrigade (Poland) TVP SA (Poland), Dreamsound Sp. z o.o. (Poland), Loveframe s.r.o. Prague (Czech Republic)
  • MNK Boy by Mete Gümürhan, written by Sibel Altınbaş and Mete Gümürhan – Kaliber Film in co-operation with Topkapi Films (the Netherlands) and Filmaltı (Turkey) 
  • My Giraffe by Margien Rogaar, written by Mirjam Oomkes and Laura Weeda - Lemming Film (the Netherlands)
  • Saga by Katarina Launing, written by Maja Lunde – Cinenord Kidstory (Norway)
  • Sky Raiders by writer and director Lior Chefetz – UCM (Israel)
  • The Adventures of Halvdan Viking [+see also:
    film profile
     by Gustaf Åkerblom, written by Per Nielsen - Anagram Väst (Sweden)
  • The Arctic Camels by Karl Emil Rikardsen, written by Karl Emil Rikardsen - Relation04 Media (Norway), Pomor Film (Norway)
  • The First Case by Linda Hambäck, written by Jan Vierth - Lee Film Stockholm (Sweden)

Television projects

  • Deep Sea Doctor Derek by Leo Timmers, written by Steve Middleton - Grid Animation bvba (Belgium), Zooper Film GmbH (Germany), Tinker Labs Ltd (UK)
  • Garden Gang by Davide Tosco, written by Marc Seal and Davide Tosco - Showlab (Italy), M'Go Films (Singapore), Gebrueder Beetz (Germany)
  • Interstellar Ella by Tanguy de Kermel, written by Adam Long - Tinker Labs Ltd (UK), Grid Animation bvba (Belgium), Zooper Film GmbH (Germany)
  • Kids on the Silk Road by Jens Pedersen - Pedersen & Co (Denmark), Toolbox Film (Denmark)
  • Lulina and the Moon by writer-director Marcus Vinícius Vasconcelos -  Teremim Studio (Brazil)
  • Moonwolves by Nima Yousefi, written by Malin Ahlin and Hans-Åke Gabrielsson - Hob AB (Sweden), Naive AB (Sweden), Copenhagen Bombay (Denmark)
  • My Faith, written and directed by Michel Cayla and Davide Tosco - M’Go Films (Singapore), Showlab (Italy)
  • The Crash by Daniel Snaddon, written by Julia Smuts Louw - Sparks Flew Development Studio (South Africa)
  • Troll and the Oliver, written and directed by Jesper Møller - Zooper Film (Germany), Grid Animation bvba (BE), Tinker Labs (UK)

More information on the projects is available here.

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