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L’abbiamo fatta grossa: an exceptional comic duo against a noir backdrop


- Carlo Verdone’s latest film, starring himself and Antonio Albanese, is being released in Italy in 850 copies by Filmauro

L’abbiamo fatta grossa: an exceptional comic duo against a noir backdrop
Carlo Verdone and Antonio Albanese in a scene from L’abbiamo fatta grossa

An actor who, after separating from his beautiful wife, can no longer remember his lines; a private detective who lives with his arteriosclerotic aunt and gets assigned to unlucky cases; a suitcase full of money, and two star performers of the likes of Carlo Verdone and Antonio Albanese. L’abbiamo fatta grossa [+see also:
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, which is directed by Carlo Verdone and hits theatres today, stars an exceptional and never-before-seen comic duo. A noir with comic undertones, a change in direction from the Roman director’s previous films. “I wanted to make a film in total freedom”, says Verdone, “I wanted to break free from some of the themes of my previous comedies, generational conflict, emotional situations, and focus on something almost like a fairy tale that also concludes with a hint of social critique”.

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Yuri Pelagatti (Albanese) is an actor suffering from an emotional and professional crisis, and hires Arturo Merlino, a penniless detective, to investigate the infidelity of his ex-wife. Arturo, however, is used to solving much simpler cases like looking for cats lost in the neighbourhood, and the two end up coming into the possession of a red-hot suitcase containing €1 million. Between misunderstandings, disguises and ridiculous situations, the pair must see to the owner of the suitcase, who turns out to be a very important person. A comedy that flows along nicely, without any great peaks, but is held up by two comedy professionals who know how to make us laugh, work in perfect harmony and even resemble one another. Who knows, is this the beginning of a new artistic couple? “It also depends on what audiences think. We already have an idea sketched out for another film together”, revealed Verdone. “Carlo is one of the great masters when it comes to capturing the spirit of Italians, we have the same sense of wit and I’ve always recognised myself in his gestures to some extent”, said Albanese in echo of this, who has already directed three films, “perhaps next time I’ll be able to direct him”. Produced by Aurelio and Luigi De Laurentiis, L’abbiamo fatta grossa is being released in 850 cinemas by Filmauro.

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(Translated from Italian)

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