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ROME 2017 Alice nella Città

Si muore tutti democristiani: From the heart to the wallet


- The videomaker group, Il Terzo Segreto di Satira, has made the jump from the web to the big screen with a film about some of the compromises we make as we get older

Si muore tutti democristiani: From the heart to the wallet

Switching from the web to the big screen is no mean feat. Various attempts have been made in recently (Maccio Capatonda, The Pills, The Jackal...), some were successful, others less so. The debut feature by the videomaker collective known as Il Terzo Segreto di Satira – with over 12 million YouTube views to its name – is one of the more successful attempts. Si muore tutti democristiani [+see also:
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(lit. All Christian Democrats Die) was screened at the 12th Rome Film Fest, in the 16+ Alice nella Città category and is a well-structured film, rather than a set of separate sketches, with a decent story and some good performances. A bitter comedy about some of the compromises we’re forced to make as we get older, and how easy it is to deviate from our own ideals when money is involved.

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With their hearts on the left and wallets on the right, as the saying goes, Enrico (Walter Leonardi), Fabrizio (Massimiliano Loizzi) and Stefano (Marco Ripoldi) are all thirty-something friends and associates of a small production house that makes videos, mainly for weddings, while juggling the absurd demands of their customers and getting by on the little money they earn. They dream of going back to making social documentaries, their true vocation, and one day an opportunity crops up from an NGO, via a somewhat wild and irritating "volunteer" (Francesco Mandelli) who offers them a good sum of money to make some videos in Africa. Things are finally looking up for the trio. Henry, who is expecting a child with his partner (Valentina Lodovini) might finally be able to afford a larger house, and a nicer umbrella. Fabrizio might finally be able to prove to his wife and his wealthy business owner that he is not a liar, and Stefano might finally be able to grow up, moving on and ending his student lifestyle.

However, not everything goes smoothly. Before signing the contract, the NGO is involved in a scandal and ends up in the headlines, forcing our heroes to face a very thorny dilemma: whether or not to accept the job? Is it better to create clean things with dirty money, or vice versa? All three friends have different and conflicting opinions, and the film's directors (the collective consists of Davide Rossi, Andrea Mazzarella, Peter Belfiore, Davide Bonacina and Andrea Fadenti, with the screenplay assisted by Ugo Chiti) use their best weapon, satire, in order to represent the social and political stalemate that we live in, the decay of the values ​​of the left and the disparity between what we believe in when we’re young and what we become as we grow up, when faced with life's hardships. A sober and partly autobiographical feature, ("we were offered a similar proposal that we had to discuss," the directors admitted), and a fun film that doesn’t try to force laughs, instead getting straight to the point with well-placed irony: a small yet big surprise for Rome Film Fest 2017.

Produced by Beppe Caschetto for Ibc Movie with Rai Cinema, and with the executive production of Rita Rognoni (Pupkin Production), Si muore tutti democristiani is due to be released in Italian cinemas in spring 2018 with 01 Distribution.

(Translated from Italian)

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