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Fare cinema: the Italian film industry touches down in 100 cities around the globe


- The First Week of Italian Cinema in the World, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is due to take place from 21 to 27 May

Fare cinema: the Italian film industry touches down in 100 cities around the globe

From 21 to 27 May, 100 cities around the globe will be talking about Italian cinema. As well as the obvious participants, such as actors and directors, the week will also see screenplay writers, directors of photography, set designers, composers, costume designers, make-up artists and editors getting involved, as well as the numerous other professionals who make Italian cinema what it is, but who often remain behind the scenes. Fare cinema - The First Week of Italian Cinema in the World is primarily dedicated to them.

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The project, promoted by the MAECI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with MIBACT, ANICA and the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, aims to promote quality Italian film productions abroad with the support of the diplomatic consular network of Italian cultural institutes, shining a light on all the professionals who contribute to the complex world of Italian film production. The initiative also aims to create distribution opportunities abroad for national productions. As part of the intiative, 100 Italian cinema ambassadors will gather in 100 cities around the globe for the week –  throughout Europe, but also in San Francisco, Adis Abeba, Pechino, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, New York and Bogotà – to talk about the Italian film industry via a variety events, such as conferences, audience debates, seminars and stories about their daily life experiences. 

“This initiative represents what we at Farnesina like to call an ‘integrated approach,’ or rather, the bringing together of all the tools used to create a culture that values all elements of Italian excellence around the world,” confirmed Elisabetta Belloni, Secretary General of the MAECI, during the project’s official presentation yesterday evening at Cinecittà Institute. “Cinema brings together all of these aspects, because it encapsulates art, culture, poetry and values.” “One of the key aspects of the new Italian cinema law is a push towards internationalisation,” stated the General Manager of Cinema for MIBACT, Nicola Borrelli, praising this project as it “finally sees all institutions working together in absolute collaboration.”

The Fare cinema initiative was created thanks to the collaboration of some of the sectors major associations, including the ASC – Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti, Arredatori, AIC - Autori italiani della cinematografia, ACMF - Associazione Compositori Musica per Film, ANTEPAC - Associazione Italiana Truccatori e Parrucchieri del Cineaudiovisivo, UICD - Unione Italiana Casting Directors and the AMC - Associazione Montaggio Cinematografico e televisivo. Oscar winners such as Ennio Morricone, Gabriella Pescucci, Dante Ferretti e Francesca Lo Schiavo, and the director Paolo Genovese gave testimonials at yesterday evening’s event.

(Translated from Italian)

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