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The ICAA bolsters international co-productions


- A new Ministerial Order establishing the regulatory framework for state support for audiovisual production replaces the one that has been in force for the last two years

The ICAA bolsters international co-productions
ICAA managing director Beatriz Navas

As stated on the website of Spain’s ICAA – Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, which reports to the country’s Ministry of Culture, the new Ministerial Order establishing the government’s regulatory framework for the granting of support (published on 30 June) will take particular interest in and promote “projects made in co-production with foreign companies, where Spanish involvement is in the minority, but which exhibit a clear level of cultural interest. In this way, it is hoped that the internationalisation and professionalisation of the sector can be enhanced. For this purpose, as well as to facilitate access to support, a reserve has been set up of a minimum of 5% of the amount of selective support for this type of project, and for general support, the minimum budget has been reduced to €150,000 in order to enable participation in international co-productions with Latin American countries.”

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In addition, the Ministerial Order makes good headway on the path towards gender equality and equal opportunities, and towards making Spanish cinema accessible to all by making it obligatory, for the very first time, for films to include special captioning and audio description if they wish to gain access to general and selective support for the making of feature-length movies at the project stage. This requirement goes hand in hand with the existing obligation that must be fulfilled in order to access said backing: having at least one disabled person with a disability rating equal to or higher than 33% (as recognised by the competent authority) as an employee in the company or taking them on board the project, except on documentary or experimental projects.

In the new Ministerial Order, a series of specific measures has also been outlined to address the economic impact of COVID-19 on companies in the sector. They are chiefly aimed at: being more flexible when it comes to complying with the obligations to prove the growth of the activity when this concerns the year 2020; increasing from 20% to 40% the amount of support that can be received, as a first instalment, by companies that end up being beneficiaries of general support for the production of feature-film projects this year, thus increasing liquidity in the sector; and bolstering support for the funding of certain films that have been granted general or selective aid for feature production in 2019, which are of particular cultural and artistic value, and which request a certificate of Spanish nationality in 2020 and 2021, increasing the maximum tranche of public aid that they can receive to 75% of the recognised cost.

More information, and more detailed specifications and regulations relating to the Spanish government’s new Ministerial Order for film production support, as published in the Official State Gazette of 30 June 2020, can be found here.

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(Translated from Spanish)

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