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Olivier Masset-Depasse shooting Cages in the "Zoo"


Olivier Masset-Depasse shooting Cages in the "Zoo"

After several weeks on the French Opal Coast for exteriors, the crew of Cages starts its 34th day of shooting in Brussels in a café that has been entirely renovated called "Le Zoo". Interpreted by Sagamore Stévenin (Romance, Michel Vaillant) and the director’s favourite actress, Anne Coesens (Le Secret, L'ennemi naturel), Cages [+see also:
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is the story of a couple on the edge of extreme passion. After two well-received shorts, (Chambre Froide (Cold room) and Dans l'Ombre (In the shade)), which he says were made in a similar tone (read interview), Olivier Masset-Depasse begins his feature adventure with another tough subject but, this time, he will shed sunshine.

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Following an accident, Eve (Anne Coesens) develops a persistent stammer. A veritable "helplessness" explains the actress for whom the role of someone who is almost mute is both a challenge and a pleasure. Damien (Sagamore Stévenin) attempts to help her and "will provoke something that is so tough in Eve that she will attempt to beat her handicap and defeat this lack of speech in order to keep him". And she will go all the way since she will end up locking him up. The actress describes her character as "a totally impulsive person, an animal. She lives her passion to the very limit and it’s her funeral."

Stuffed animals emerge from the shadows of the Zoo set where the actors rehearse under the watchful eye of the director. Sagamore Stévenin, dressed in black, carries a wolf mask. Docile under the advice of his director, the French actor unleashes a beautiful and brutal energy which gives life to the scene. Shot with a shoulder camera, the film will have lots of cuts explained the director who admits to being "technically American". With Cages, he wanted to make a "psychological thriller " and "mix genres which normally don’t get mixed in the cinema". He talks of Shakespeare, of David Cronenberg, and his desire for a pictorial cinema, sensual, which sticks to the bodies of these characters.

Produced by his faithful producer, Jacques-Henri Bronckart (Versus Production), Cages was a co-production by French outfit Les Films Pelléas. Films Distribution has already acquired international rights to the film.

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(Translated from French)

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