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The Two Sides of the Bed


- David Serrano decided to return to the successful characters from The Two Sides of the Bed's lives and create a script that Emilio Martinez Lázaro adapted for the big screen

The Two Sides of the Bed

It has been during the last three years that the successful characters from The Two Sides of the Bed have grown up and seem more mature, but their stories could not finish just now. This is why the genius David Serrano decided to return to their lives and create an almost perfect script that Emilio Martinez Lázaro adapted for the big screen.

The result was The Two Sides of the Bed [+see also:
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, a musical that kept the best aspects of its first part The Other Side of the Bed, to take off towards the Eden of musical comedy with a sequel that will make an impression on the audience.

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The Two Sides of the Bed makes use of the initial plot, in order to prove that "she" is smarter than "he", all done in a mix of "romantic comedy, faking, traditional comedy, and silent film humor", according to the director.

Javier (Ernesto Alterio) wants to marry Marta (Verónica Sánchez), a young doctor that has been able to cure his phobia towards compromise; Pedro (Guillermo Toledo) is madly in love with Raquel (Lucía Jiménez), with whom he has plan to share his future; and Rafa (Alberto San Juan) believes to have found happiness with Pilar (María Esteve), who loves, cares and reeducates him with her own unique style.
The guys feel that they have matured at last and that they will be able to live like a couple. So far, so good. But what do the girls think about this? Raquel and Marta have different plans that threaten their partners’ stability.

It’s a struggle of feelings up to the very last note, which reveals at the end that everything is relative in love.

The great work by the actors must be noted in this wonderful fusion example between independent and commercial cinema. Ernesto Alterio, after stumbling over his last films with lame characters, makes us laugh and convinces us with a tragicomic touch, typical of his father Héctor. Willi Toledo convinces and confirms his moment of glory in Spanish cinema. Alberto San Juan wins more recognition than in his previous film, by bringing to us extremely hilarious moments (don’t miss his unique and beloved mascot).
In regards to the female cast, we appreciate Paz Vega’s and Natalia Verbeke’s absence, which doesn’t take any quality away, it adds to it. The quality of the female team is established through Maria Esteve, Juana Acosta y Lucía Jiménez’s talent, while we warmly welcome the arrival of Pilar Castro and Verónica Sánchez, who add a touch of freshness to their veteran counterparts.
This team’s coach, director Emilio Martínez Lázaro, has understood the saying "innovate or die", and has hit the bull’s eye with a cast that nears the borders of perfection.

Anyhow, the director must give credit to this project’s producer and promoter, Tomás Cimadevilla. The Two Sides of the Bed is 100% Spanish, and it returns thanks to the producer’s decision who, according to his own words, had two things very clear from the beginning: the second part had to be more fun and have more music. "In order for it to be more fun, we tied down David Serrano once more to his desk, and has written his best script ever. In order for it to be even better than the first one we convinced Emilio Martínez Lázaro to direct again. In order for it to have more novelties than the first one, the director and the producers and I carefully selected the new additions to the cast. It was a real privilege.”
It’s worthy mentioning that The Two Sides of the Bed is a co-production between Spanish independent companies joined by Tele5 through their producer Estudios Picasso Fábrica de Ficción. Finally, it seems that Tele5 is producing films once again, although this production is not a very risky venture. Buena Vista is in charge of the distribution in Spain, and its preparing a publicity campaign proper of a US release and with a big investment in P&A.
With all these info and after having watched the film, I can ascertain that The two Sides of the Bed is most commercial choice in Spanish cinema in 2005, and its success won’t take long to happen inside and outside of Spain.

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