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Kilmi’s childhood memories hit screens


Kilmi’s childhood memories hit screens

Jaak Kilmi’s latest documentary, Disco and Atomic War, produced by OÜ Eetriüksus in Estonia in co-production with Finland’s Helsinki Filmi, is coming out on Estonian screens this Friday.

Kilmi has directed several acclaimed documentaries about the Soviet Era and its repercussions on life in Estonia today, such as The Art of Selling (2006) and Estonia’s 2004 Oscars entry Revolution of Pigs.

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Disco and Atomic War is a playful film about the influence of Western pop culture on Soviet kids during the Cold War. Co-written by producer Kiur Aarma and Kilmi, it describes the ideological battlefield of the time, mixed with personal childhood memories.

"It was a time when it was possible for erotic film star Emmanuelle to bring down the Red Army and MacGyver to outdo an entire school administration,” recalls Aarma.

For Kilmi, the film describes his generation that was “unknowingly brought to the front lines of the Cold War. Our brains were bombed with television waves. This completely changed our lives”.

The documentary will premiere are the Sõprus cinema in Tallinn this Thursday, prior to the film’s nationwide release on Friday. The film was supported by the Estonian Film Foundation, the Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Public Broadcasting, and Finnish broadcaster YLE.

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