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Lecce 2018

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Review: Breaths

Review: Breaths

Presented as a special event at the Lecce Film Festival, the first full-length film by Alberto Fiorillo is an intricate psychological thriller, featuring Alessio Boni  

19/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Luciano Accomando • Director

Interview: Luciano Accomando • Director

"I wanted to approach immigration from another point of view – as a resource"

Luciano Accomando chatted to Cineuropa at the 19th Lecce European Film Festival about his documentary Immagine dal vero, which talks about successful stories of immigration in Sicily  

16/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

The Party's Over triumphs at Lecce European Film Festival

The Party's Over triumphs at Lecce European Film Festival

Marie Garel-Weiss' debut feature wins the Golden Olive Tree for Best Film and the Cineuropa Award. Scary Mother, Cobain and Disappearance also scoop up some awards  

16/04/2018 | Lecce 2018 | Awards

Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

Interview: Marie Garel-Weiss • Director

"I wanted talk about what happens when you stop taking drugs and life starts to become possible"

French director and screenwriter Marie Garel-Weiss tells us about her first feature film, The Party's Over, in competition at the 19th Lecce European Film Festival  

13/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Review: Broken

Review: Broken

Edmond Budina returns six years after releasing Balkan Bazar with a merciless portrait of modern-day Albania, devastated by political corruption, toxic waste and broken emotional bonds  

12/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Michael Winterbottom • Director

Interview: Michael Winterbottom • Director

"Sacha Baron Cohen won't be playing British Trump"

A guest at Lecce European Film Festival, where he received a Golden Olive Tree career achievement award, the British director Michael Winterbottom talked to us about his new projects  

11/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Review: Rudy Valentino

Review: Rudy Valentino

Director Nico Cirasola tells the story of the famous star of silent cinema’s return to Puglia, his native land, using visionary techniques to weave the present and past together  

10/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Michael Winterbottom, Ildiko Enyedi and a tribute to 1968 at the 19th Lecce European Film Festival

Michael Winterbottom, Ildiko Enyedi and a tribute to 1968 at the 19th Lecce European Film Festival

This year’s Champions of Italian Cinema are Kim Rossi Stuart and Jasmine Trinca, 10 European films are competing for the Golden Olive Tree, and the opening film is Nico Cirasola’s Rudy Valentino  

04/04/2018 | Lecce 2018

Nanouk Leopold • Director

Interview: Nanouk Leopold • Director


BERLIN 2018: We met up with Dutch director Nanouk Leopold to discuss her latest film, Cobain, premiered in the Generation section at Berlin  

28/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Generation

Review: Cobain

Review: Cobain

BERLIN 2018: Nanouk Leopold's new film is another subtle exploration of a family situation, except this time, the roles of parent and child are reversed  

19/02/2018 | Berlin 2018 | Generation

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