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Productions / France

Sergi Portabella filming Jean-François y el sentido de la vida

Sergi Portabella filming Jean-François y el sentido de la vida

The Spanish filmmaker is currently filming his debut feature film in Catalonia and Paris; a French-Spanish co-production supported by the MEDIA programme  

04/04/2017 | Productions | Spain/France

Béart joins Marion Vernoux

The actress Emmanuelle Béart is taking on a new project, appearing in the cast of the new film by Marion Vernoux, À Boire ("To Drink"). After having starred in two films by famous filmmakers like...  

03/10/2003 | Productions | France

A film for Djian and Bondy

According to the weekly paper "Le Film Français", the film directed by the famous Swiss theatre director Luc Bondy and written by the French novelist Philippe Djian will soon be out on the big...  

25/09/2003 | Productions | France

Reno in the lair of the wolves

The maestro of thrillers, the French novelist Jean-Christophe Grangé is having another of his works adapted for the cinema. His previous work Crimson Rivers has already been made into a film and...  

23/09/2003 | Productions | France

Filming starts on Narco

Today has been the first day of filming on Narco, the first feature length film by the couple Tristan & Gilles and the second film for Alain Attal's company, Les Productions du Trésor, which...  

22/09/2003 | Productions | France

End of the road for The Adventurer

Following continual delays for the new project by Christophe Gans, L’Aventurier, an adaptation of the Bob Morane comic, the whole idea has now been completely shelved. It’s a hard blow for the...  

18/09/2003 | Productions | France

Huppert, perverted mother

The actress Isabelle Huppert is preparing to take on a tough and complex new role. Shooting will be starting on the second feature length film by Christophe Honoré, called Ma mère, on October 13....  

16/09/2003 | Productions | France

Jeunet in the eye of the storm

There’s a legal furore about the new film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Un long dimanche de fiançailles. Shooting on the work starring Audrey Tautou among others, started last August. The row is about...  

15/09/2003 | Productions | France